Video: Son of Hamas Leader Explains Why he Left Hamas and Islam…….

Masab Yousef is back, this time in a FOX video news report. Check out what he has to say about Hamas leaders and their lust for the torture of their own people. In the end it creeped him out so badly that he started to think of alternatives.
What gets me is, that even after all the empirical evidence showing what kind of thuggish nightmare the Hamas actually is, there are people in the West that still express the desire to “do business with Hamas”, or even the Hezbollah for that matter. It’s their “social services” that gives them high marks, while their thuggish behaviour is only looked at between the fingers.
Al-Capone is smiling. KGS

Pamela at Atlas Shrugs notes: “I don’t know why this clip leaves out the part where Jonathan asks him if peace is possible and Masab emphatically states the obvious. he said, “there will never be peace with Israel. They will never allow it. Ever. They don’t want it.”

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