Abbas Shuns Peace With Israel Once Again…….

Abbas: “Well Olmert’s cabinet didn’t call for the dissolving of the state of Israel, so there is nothing to discuss.”

Ok, I’m putting words into Abbas’ mouth, but that’s how he thinks, otherwise the Palestinian leader would be pressuring his own cadres into modifying the Palestinian postition. Don’t believe for a second that he’ll even entertain such an idea. Nope.

J’lem Post: “A reported Israeli proposal to pull out of 93 percent of the West Bank and compensate the Palestinians with land in the Negev is “unacceptable,” a key adviser to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas told The Media Line.

Nabil Abu Rudeina, who is also a spokesman for the Palestinian leader, said the proposal did not fall in line with requirements of the road map and the Annapolis understandings that the borders of the future Palestinian state should correspond with Israel’s pre-1967 borders.”

Anything falling short of a full acceptance of Palestinian refugees (200 000) and their 5 million decendents, will be rejected out of hand. Forget it, come on, until the Arabs are ready to accept the legitimacy of the Jewish state, there will be no peace, it’s as simple as that. really. KGS

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