More on Whining Islam-O-Fascists And Their Rights……!

Krekar sues the Norwegian government. That’s right folks, the Islamist terrorist leader thinks he hasn’t been given enough of the “red carpet” treatment, so he’s going to sue the Norwegian government for infringing on “his rights”. Yeah riiiiight!
“I’m taking Norway to court to see that I’m getting everything I have a right to,” says the 52 year-old Iraqi Kurd. He has been served an expulsion order which cannot be put into effect because he could face the death penalty if he returns home.”
A Tundra Tabloid hint: Kick the terrorist out and let local justice take its due course, if that means Krekar spends the rest of his life in a mud brick cell or at the end of a gallows rope, so be it. Allowing these terrorists to misuse our courts systems is pure tomfoolery. Enough already. More here. KGS
H/T: Harri
NOTE: The European Court of Human Rights has yet to decide whether to take up the case, but since Hamza is getting their special attention, it only stands to reason they will have no problem with Krekar’s demands either.

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