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Montenegro: Plot to Create Muslim Autonomous Region Lands Albanians in Jail…….

But wait, according to rest of the world, Albanians are the quintessential victims and peaceniks of the Balkan region! Imagine that, Albanians caught trying to subvert a state and try to create an autonomous Muslim region! Imagine that… really! KGS

Montenegro: Ethnic Albanians jailed for alleged plot

Podgorica, 5 August (AKI) – A court in the small Balkan country of Montenegro on Tuesday convicted 12 ethnic Albanians, including four US citizens, of plotting a rebellion when the republic became independent of Serbia in 2006. Judge Ivica Stankovic also convicted five other members of the group from Montenegro’s Albanian minority of possessing illegal weapons. He sentenced the 17 defendants to prison terms ranging from three months to six and a half years for planning a rebellion and the Americans received some of the toughest sentences.

The ethnic Albanians were arrested on terrorism charges in September 2006, but the charges were later modified. Authorities claimed they were planning attacks with a view to creating an autonomous region. Ethnic Albanians comprise about six percent of Montenegro’s total population of 620,000 and are concentrated in several areas bordering Albania.

Twelve ethnic Albanians were sentenced to a total of 48 years in prison, ranging from terms of three to six years each, while several others were given lighter sentences. All members of the group had pleaded not guilty to the charges and said they would appeal Tuesday’s verdict.

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  1. Why did you delete my comment?

    The men convicted are not Muslim, they are Catholic. They did not seek to create a Muslim region, but they were accused of attempting to blow up a Mosque, which goes against nearly everything you said in your post.

    Some of the names of those arrested: Victor, Joseph, Nicholas, George, John, Mark, Peter — THESE MEN ARE NOT MUSLIM!

  2. Any links to back up your version of the story would be of course welcome. If what you say proves to be true, I’ll retract it and give you credits.

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