ECHR Worries About Abu Hamza’s Human Rights…….

Pity the poor Islam-O-terrorist. What’s at play here, is more political show boating by the Europeans when Islamists and the US are concerned. Placing “the Hook” into a US maximum security prison cell, is supposed to be somehow a human rights violation?

Maybe if the Yanks had one of those “gentle justice” prisons like they have here in Finland, that would be enough to sway the European Court of Human Rights. Yeah riiiiight!

“The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg gave the order as the 48-year-old’s lawyers claimed he would be kept in inhuman conditions. US authorities want to jail Hamza in America’s most secure jail, the Supermax ADX Florence in Colorado, which houses 38 convicted international terrorists.

His lawyers claim that prisoners live in boxes, there is only two hours exercise per week, there are no family visits and every correspondence is intercepted. The Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has already approved Hamza’s extradition and last month Hamza was refused leave to appeal to the Law Lords, the highest court in England and Wales.

Boo-flippin-hoo. The ECHR is showing its true colors, and that, more than anything else, should send shivers up anyone’s spine. While these soft headed Europeans wet their beds and wring their hands over the well being of the Islam-O-fascists, the laughter of the jihadis can be heard all the way from the caves of far away Pakistan. A Tundra Tabloid hint: lock him up and throw away the key. More here. KGS

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