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Swedish Film Director Niklas Berg And Crew Hang Out With Palestinians in The WB Town of Ni’lin

Israelis working on the anti-terrorist separation barrier that runs in and around the West Bank have come into conflict with both local and international demonstrators who are rioting against the construction of the security fence.

The International Solidarity Movement -Sweden, -the Swedish branch of the international pro-Palestinian political organization that has worked hand in hand with the Palestinians, whether they be just civilians or members of armed terrorist factions- has been apparently at the middle of the demonstrations for their parent movement the ISM.

Due to the rioting over the construction of the security fence, the village of Ni’lin, just outside the city of Ramallah in the West Bank, has been placed under a curfew. The people are to remain indoors until the rioting has been stopped. What makes it even more news worthy, is the fact that a Swedish “film group” is making a documentary of the building of the fence.

The Finnish news is where the TT first spotted the news story, and after taking a closer look at the parties involved, suspicion arose over the innocence of the film crew that “just happened to be in the area” filming when the violence “just happened to erupt” over the building of the highly successful anti-terrorist security fence.

The person being interviewed in the media is the Swedish Film crew director, Niklas Berg, and if anyone is willing to give Berg and his film crew the benefit of the doubt over whether the documentary will be fair, here’s what the film director has to say:

ISM Website: “It is obvious that the Israeli army puts the Palestinian civilian population to collective punishment for their opposition to the wall. Collective punishment is something that is illegal under international law, “

The Local: “The military has become increasingly violent. They are shooting plastic bullets, sound bombs and tear gas. They are even shooting at us,” said Niklas Berg, one of the documentary film-makers, to local Swedish newspaper Västerbottens-Kuriren. There are horrible scenes occurring all the time,” said Niklas Berg.”

What this guy knows about international law and the true facts to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict could most likely fill a match book. But what is more interesting than Niklas Berg’s gross ignorance about the conflict and international law, is that they just happened to stumble upon demonstration that has a noticeably high number of his own fellow countrymen.
Hmmmm…anyone smell a rat here?

This is not the first time the Swedes have hammed it up with their Palestinian cohorts, which includes rubbing elbows with terrorists and playing with their guns. There certainly has to be alot of trust built up between the ISM and the terrorists for them to allow these Swedes to screw around with their Kalashnikovs.

For more on the buddy-buddy relationship between the “peace activists” and the terrorists that use them as useful stooges, click here. The situation in the WB town of Ni’lin looks and feels like an orchestrated event planned in advance to coincide with the arrival of the Swedish film crew, in order to grant the Niklas Berg and Crew prime footage of the unrest.

The open nexus that exists between the “peace activist” crowd, the media and the terrorists themselves, couldn’t be any more plain. That is the one of the reasons this conflict is so grossly misrepresnted, misunderstood and has lasted for so long. The “peaceniks” and the media are a part of the conflict, as the above picture accurately shows. *L* KGS

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  1. Are those dumb-asses in the picture the ones mentioned in this writing? I mean the one with blue scarf, green pullover and red skirt keeping an AK at her hands?

    If so, I have to say I’m once again amazed how easily those gun-men tie the European leftists around their thumb. I definately would not like the whole world to see me naked or hanging around with war-lords. Gosh – that makes one annoyed.

  2. The picture is from an earlier “happier” time, but they do belong to the same tribe of swedish peacenik nincompoops.

  3. This has been going on for years and the global media have avoied any mention of the ISM which is actually the PSM (Palestinian Solidarity Movement).

    Lee Kaplan has done a wonderful job in exposing them for what they really are – terrorist wannabes, going to the West Bank and Gaza for training in subversive techniques, as well as having lessons in dying as a martyr for the cause.

    I just wish they’d all spend a few weeks in Sderot, sitting there as human shields and refusing to go into the bomb shelters. Then they’d be doing something useful.

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