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Kabul Explodes: Once Again It’s Time to ‘Name That Religion’…….

The Tundra Tabloids’ good friend TINSC sent the following report, about a car bomb being detonated by a Muslim suicide-homicide bomber at the Indian embassy in Kabul Afghanistan.

The TT has taken to labeling these Muslim suicide-homicide bombers as IslamOkazis, for no other term seems to fit as nicely as that one, it says it all. The al-AP news report of course fails to mention in the headline that it was, once again, a member of that ‘religion of peace’, Islam, that blew himself up as well as 40 other people.

KABUL, Afghanistan (al-AP)A car bomb ripped through the front wall of the Indian Embassy in central Kabul on Monday, killing 40 people in the deadliest attack in Afghanistan’s capital since the fall of the Taliban, officials said. The massive explosion detonated by a suicide bomber damaged two embassy vehicles entering the compound, near where dozens of Afghan men line up every morning to apply for visas.

The embassy is located on a busy, tree-lined street near Afghanistan’s Interior Ministry in the city center. Several nearby shops were damaged or destroyed in the blast, and smoldering ruins covered the street. The explosion rattled much of the Afghan capital.”

TINSC also adds: “It is not widely known how much support India is giving the Karzai government in Afghanistan. I’m not suprised their embassy was targeted like this.” *L* KGS

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  1. This is exactly the kind of news that makes one confused. I mean I have heard now for about seven years how the Western lifestyle and imperialistic need to spread our culture both generates and accelerates the violence against us. But I never knew India was part of Western world! Or, can it be, that prior to Muslims in the West simply and totally deny any justification to this kind of terror, we have full right to suspect these methods will be used in our front yards, too?

    I try not to take advantage of other people’s suffer, and I feel sorry for all those lost their friends and relatives in this insane attack.

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