Al-Reuters Discovers Terrorism, But Only Within The Saudi Kingdom…….

When Israelis are attacked, it’s by “Palestinian gunmen” or “Palestinian fighters” or even worse, ……”militants”.
Saudi Arabia says arrests 520 terrorism suspects
RIYADH (al-Reuters) – “Saudi Arabia has detained 520 suspects for “involvement in terrorism,” state television said on Wednesday. “These are all new detainees,” an Interior Ministry spokesman said. The kingdom, which has faced a campaign of violence by al Qaeda-linked militants since 2003, arrested hundreds of suspects in 2007. A report read out on Saudi television said the detainees included a cell in the Red Sea port city of Yanbu, close to oil export terminals and petrochemical plants, and another in the Eastern Province where the bulk of kingdom’s oil sector is located.”
Now before I get a bunch of comments stating that the al-Reuters headline is just reflecting what “the Saudis said” about the men being arrested, take time to think back when was the last time you saw an al-Reuters article do the same for Israel? I’ll give you a clue,….it doesn’t happen. On the contrary, like the Finnish press, they change the words of the Israeli press spokesman to something more ideologically suitable to their liking.
I have caught the Finnish press on numerous occasions doing just that, changing the word terrorist…into “militant”, and then changing it back again once the TT got on their cases. The unstoppable TINSC brought this to the TT’s attention, stating that: “Amazing how the LIB media suddenly uses the forbidden “T-word” when they’re reporting on behalf of the Saudi Petrochemical Lobby.” DITTO. *L* KGS

UPDATE: It was to be expected, the Finnish capital’s newspaper, the Helsingin Sanomat, improves on al-Reuters headline, with the following: HS: “Saudi-Arabia on vanginnut satoja terroriepäiltyjä / Saudi Arabia has arrested hundreds of terror related suspects“,Get it? Even al-Reuters reported it as : “Saudi Arabia says arrests 520 terrorism suspects”, as opposed to saying “Saudi Arabia has”. It’s subtle but the bias is there, somethin by the way they would avoid doing if it were Israel doing the arresting.

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