Religion Of Peace Tolerance And Love Alert……!

Remember this one folks? Rahima Abdullah, the Islamic Saudi Academy’s education department director in Virginia recently stated that: “What we teach here is love and tolerance.” RIIIIIGHT! Just keep digging folks, and you’ll be amazed what you come up with!
Pakistan: Man sentenced to death for insulting Islam!
But wait a dog gone minute, according to Rahima Abdullah, Islam is all about love and tolerance! Once again the followers of the “Cult Of Mo” have gotten it all wrong.
Sialkot, 19 June (AKI/DAWN) – A Pakistani judge has sentenced a man to death and life imprisonment on charges of blasphemy and desecration of the Muslim holy book, the Koran. Shafiq Latif of Kulluwal in northeastern Pakistan is alleged to have made derogatory remarks against the Prophet Mohammed and desecrated pages of the Koran on 17 March 2006.
Local police arrested him under the country’s ‘blasphemy act’ and he was also fined 500,000 Pakistani rupees (4700 euros).A conviction for blasphemy in Pakistan carries the death penalty, although Latif can still appeal his sentence. Sialkot District and Sessions Judge Suhaib Ahmad Roomi told reporters that the verdict was based on Islamic laws. Banners and posters welcoming the verdict were displayed in different locations in the local area.
Holy mackerel, the Pakistanis have a law on the books that forbids blasphemy. But wait, so do the Finns! Time for the world to wake up and strike these stupid laws from their books, before they end up enslaving themselves to these nut-job cultists. Wake up people! *L* KGS

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