Buffoonery EU Palestinian Misuse of Aid

More EU Money to be Dumped Into The Black Hole Called The PA…….

When it comes to welfare, nobody can match the Europeans in what they’re willing to blow on ill-advised public spending ventures.

The EU is the biggest contributor of donor aid the jizya tax to the Palestinian Authority, and in comparison to the US, which receives huge dividends from its investment in Israel, the EU gets SQUAT in return.

Well on second thought, perhaps the EU does indeed get something in return after all. Their doughy headed activists are given the red carpet in the Palestinian areas, as well as being given a chance to play with their guns.

Anyways, the increase in funding to the PA does not do them any good whatsoever, besides, there is also a corresponding upswing in terrorism directed against Israel. Like the squeezing of a balloon, the extra money just frees up other funds to be directed to the Palestinian’s jihad against the Jewish state.

According to the Terrorism Finance blog: “European Funding of NGOs Exposed as Exacerbating Middle East Conflict”.

NGO Monitor has just published a highly detailed examination of European Union (EU) funding of political NGOs in the Arab-Israeli conflict. The fifty-page report, ‘Europe’s Hidden Hand’, shows that the EU provides tens of millions of Euros from public money to NGOs whose activities often exacerbate the Arab-Israeli conflict, rather than encouraging peace. The report also details the severe lack of transparency and accountability in funding of the NGOs. That is – simply another avenue where international funds promote never ending terrorism. I recommend that everyone read at least the Executive Summary, if not the full report of this latest publication.

As difficult as it sounds, pumping more money into a despotic, dependent society -that increasingly resembles a junkie hooked on crack- is not the right solution. The EU refuses to give up on its favorite pet project, the Palestinians, choosing instead to treat them with a racist/patronising style of humanitarianism, that will only serve to keep the vast majority of them as serfs for decades to come. Time to cut the aid. More here. *L* KGS

H/T Baron Bodissey

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