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Egypt: You’re in Good Hands With Islamic Social Security…….

For many Muslims, Islamic law, sharia, is believed to be the magic potion, the cure all for everything that ails an Islamic society. Even the western notion of social security is being promoted as an Islamic practice based on the reading of the Quran. The Islamists want you to believe that you’re in good hands with sharia.

“Security in the Islamic societies is indissoluble from that of non-Islamic ones. For the ‘Sharia’, the Islamic law, the concept of security is intrinsically connected to fundamental human rights. Guaranteeing social security helps reach development on all levels. This, in a nutshell, is the message of the Cairo Declaration issued by the 20th international conference of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs dedicated this year to the theme ‘Social Security Components in Islam’.

”Guaranteeing social security on material and spiritual level is the primary objective of the precepts of Islam, not only for the Muslims but for all people living in Islamic countries, regardless of their religion or race,” Egyptian Religious Endowments (‘wafks’) Minister Mahmoud Hamdi Zakzouk said in his speech at the Forum.”

But of course what Mahmoud Zakzouk leaves out, is that Islamic social justice is two tiered, with the followers of Islam at the very top of the scale and everyone else at the the bottom rung, being at the mercy of their Muslim overlords. This is the same kind of justice an African American received in a segregated south. But Islamic “social security” was not the only issue addressed at the forum, it was accompanied with the familiar whining about respect for Mohamed, the prophet of the Islamic religion.

The issue with the cartoons of Mohammad published in Denmark was also among the various themes discussed during the forum. Yemen’s Minister of Religious Affairs, Abdel Hamid El Hattar, addressed all participants and the Jewish and Christian religious leaders urging them to oppose the ”attacks” against the Prophet Mohammad and the publication of the cartoons in numerous European newspapers. The minister also called for dialogue between the monotheistic religions aimed at guaranteeing the peaceful coexistence of the believers.

In this regard, the representative of the Holy See at the forum, Monsignor Michael Fitzgerald, told ANSAmed that ”the Vatican has been holding a constant dialogue with Al Azhar since 1998 through a joint committee which has regular meetings”. Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak also spoke of security pointing out that ”in order to guarantee the security in the Muslim societies we need to fight against fundamentalism, fanaticism and terrorism, which have deformed the image of Islam and have hampered the development of the society.”

Again, here we read about (a) Islamic leaders whining about a cartoon, (b) that free speech in the West be curtailed, and that (c) “dialogue” between the faiths should be sought in order to guarantee “peaceful coexistence”. Sorry not interested. Not as long as these representatives of Islam refuse to condemn any form of violence done in the name of their religion against those they disagree with, Muslim and non-Muslim alike.

These Muslim leaders are no more interested in honest dialogue than the Saudis are interested in Christianity. It’s all a ruse to get “more respect for Islam” at the expense of western civil liberties. We in the West need to tell them all to just shut up, and reform yourselves, and any western aid would hinge upon how far you advance in the promotion of civil liberties and human rights within your own states. Other than that, we are not interested in hearing what you have to discuss, nor in any…..meaningless dialogue. More here. *L* KGS

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