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Muslim Arabs Turn The Other Cheeck in Arrabe Israel…….NOT

Haifa judge: “one of the most shocking acts of violence I’ve ever encountered.”

A Palestinian from Hebron was suspected of having stolen a Qur’an(s) from a local mosque in the town of Arrabe, and was subsequently kidnapped and tortured by his three Arab Muslim captors. You can ask what would happen if the same situation would occur within a church or a synagogue, the suspected perp would be detained, or if that wasn’t an option, at the least prayed for.

Last September, 21-year-old Amar Asala and 19-year-old Mahmoud Yassin from Arrabe suspected a 24-year-old man from Hebron stole Korans and other Muslim artifacts from the mosque in their community. The two abducted their victim when they saw him hitchhiking at the entrance to the community. They drove him to a deserted olive grove, undressed him, tied him up, and beat him up cruelly using sticks and planks. They also threatened to electrocute him using cables connected to their vehicle.

‘Easy target for despicable acts’

Later, the two drove the victim, who was still naked and tied up, back to Arrabe, where they picked up another young man, 18-year-old Saud Yassin. They proceeded to beat up the victim and then placed a rope around his neck and demanded that he reveal the location of the stolen property. The man denied that he stole anything, and eventually the accused hung him until he lost consciousness. The three then removed the rope from the man’s neck, dressed him up, and called the police with the intention of turning him in.

This is the same mentality that drove a mob to brutality torture and rip apart two Israeli soldiers that happened to stray into the wrong area. The bloody hands protruding through the window of the police station in Ramallah, is a picture that will remain one of the more telling vivid depictions of the Arab mentality vis-a-vis anyone that dares to cross them. More here. *L* KGS

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