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Neo-Nazis in Sweden Side With Kosovo Muslims…….

Swedish Fascists show solidarity for a Muslim Kosovo state. The Local reports that 20 Neo-Nazis were on their way to disrupt a demonstration by a group of 400 Serbs protesting an independent Kososvo Muslim state. The Serbs are rightly upset with the international community’s usurpation of the sovereignty of the Serbian state.
The LOCAL: A group of 20 neo-Nazis were detained by police in Stockholm on Saturday. The neo-Nazis were on their way to disrupt a demonstration by 400 Serbs protesting Kosovo’s independence. The neo-Nazis, members of the Swedish Resistance Movement (SMR), were stopped by police on their way to Myntorget in the Gamla Stan area of Stockholm on Saturday afternoon.
“They were stopped near Riksbron. They were behaving badly and were armed with golf-clubs and stones,” said police spokesperson Ann-Charlotte Wejnäs to TT. A demonstration arranged by the Serbian youth organization in Sweden was being held at the time on the nearby square. 400 Serbs had gathered to demonstrate against Kosovo’s declaration of independence.
What gives here! According to others in the blogosphere, the Fascists are converging to take over the Counter-Jihad movement! This proves once and for all that there is a meeting of minds between Islam and the racist element in the Left wing, the Fascists! The Far-Left/Fascists hate Israel, capitalism and Jews and conservative politics, but love Islamofascism, Islam and the Leftist politics aka. socialism! More here. *L* KGS
NOTE: The Tundra Tabloids has a complete list of the false claims made by LGF about the Counter-Jihad movement.

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  1. I am seeing evidence of leftist/islamist/fascist alliance all over Europe. Study what happened in Yugoslavia in the 1990’s, there you will find much much evidence of a fascist/islamist alliance supported by the left, and supported by Europe (mainly Germany) and the US. This is a most ominous development, similar to the 1930’s. My hope is fading for the future of Europe and the US.

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