Finland Free Speech Islam

Finnish Muslim Umbrella Org Stages Peaceful Demo in Helsinki…….

Well at least there was no burning of the Swedish and Danish flags on the steps leading to the Finnish house of parliament. The Federation of Islamic Organizations in Finland, an umbrella organization that came together in 1996, sponsored a demonstration in Helsinki that only drew 30 people.
Now this is a group that supposed to represent the moderate version of Islam, but they have yet stage a protest condemning suicide terrorism, the violent jihad ideology and sharia law. Based on that alone, I see no difference between the Islamist FIP, led by Abdullah Tammi (may a thousand flies infest his armpits), and the FIOF.
The Tundra Tabloids would really like for anyone in Finland, or from elsewhere, who truly believes there is a difference between groups -that openly pimp for jihadi Islamist groups, and those that will never lift a finger to condemn them- to kindly step forward and state your case. More here. *L* KGS

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