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Mr.Ed And Wilbur Take LGF to Task…….

Mr.Ed and Wilbur have informed the Tundra Tabloids that they took another peek at Charles’ LGF last night, and discovered that the LGF proprietor has once again committed the unpardonable sin in the blogosphere….obfuscation.

“Shame on Charles” said Ed, as his friend and owner, Wilbur, nodded his head in agreement. What’s all the fuss about you ask? Why it’s none other than Charles at LGF in keeping his obsession alive. Over a week ago CJ was busy huffin and a puffin about the “Cities Against Islamisation”.
Chuck curiously laid all of his eggs into one basket in his decision to openly belittle the Gates of Vienna, the Center for Vigilant Freedom, Brussels Journal, Fjordman, and Atlas Shrugs for their support of the Vlaams Belang, and the newly formed group, the “Cities Against Islamisation”. The CAI recently held a public press conference, with a demonstration afterwards in the Flemish city of Antwerp, Belgium.
“the Belgian Vlaams Belang party is openly allying with the British National Party, in a new group opportunistically named “Cities against Islamisation.””
But Charles based his opinions solely on one source that wrongly reported the official participation of the BNP, something which the VB emphatically denies. Even Robert Spencer from Jihad Watch, has since then recognized that the initial article had it all wrong. Spencer also includes the official charter to the Cities Against Islamisation.
Adding insult to injury, Charles then refuses to correct his erroneous claims, and implied that the VB is just being disingenuous: “the Vlaams Belang may have denied connections with the British National Party“. But that’s not all, CJ is at it again! Taking his cue from a EU website, he emphatically insists that the Vlaams Belang is now politically aligned with the National Front, Le Pen’s group of Holocaust minimizers etc.
Again, one source of course, and Mr.Ed is not amused.
According to the Gates of Vienna, the VB states that the “VB is only engaged in “discussions”, but has made no commitment to join an actual party.” This is a far cry from actually being politically aligned with those types, and in the event that they actually do politically team up the FNF and BNP, I will then reconsider my entire position about them.
So all that remains to the entire issue, is a Belgian Flemish separatist party (VB) wanting to stop the Islamization of itself and help its fellow European neighboring states to do the same. All the rest about them is nothing more than blue smoke and mirrors, and a lot of……obfuscation. *L* KGS
Update: There is more about the CVF and GoV positions –that the Tundra Tabloids supports– here.

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  1. Some people just never get tired of witch hunt.

    Apparently, Öivind Strömmen no longer supplies CJ with ammunition.

  2. I agree Vasarahammer, the logevity of the obsession is amazing. CJ is stuck in a groove like a broken record.

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