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Muslims Against Sharia Support Dissident Lawyer Ezra Levant…….

Muslims Against Sharia has left a comment to an earlier post of “Ezra Levant’s Closing Arguments Before Thug McGove…“, which reports about the Canadian lawyer, Ezra Levant and his battle with Canada’s HRC proceedings that are trying to punish him for reprinting the Danish Mohamed pictures. Here is the full comment.

Canada: Freedom of Speech succumbing to Kangaroo Courts of the Human Rights Commission

Proceedings against Ezra Levant are nothing short of ridiculous, but let’s consider the implications for moderate Muslims. This “investigation” will further divide Muslims and non-Muslims in Canada. It will give credence to radicals’ claims that the West is at war with Islam. It will antagonize non-Muslims and moderate Muslims will be pushed towards radicalization. Regardless of the outcome, once again Islamists skillfully manipulated Dhimmi justice system and came out as clear winners. Thank you, Human Right Commission!

Muslims Against Sharia are proud to be the first Muslim group to publicly support Ezra Levant and denounce HRC inquisition

Sign Free Dominion Against the HRCs Petition

Excellent. While I may disagree with the MAS’s understanding of the geopolitical situation between the West and Islam, I fully support his group’s measures in bringing attention to the fact that many Muslims DO NOT SUPPORT these radical Imams and their putrid attempts to stifle free and open debate.

I find it highly ironic that it takes a Muslim organization to recognize and then warn about the dhimmified actions of the Canadian HRC office. Kudos from the Tundra Tabloids management. *L* KGS

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  1. KGS,

    “While I may disagree with the MAS’s understanding of the geopolitical situation between the West and Islam”

    What exactly do we disagree on? Judging by your blog our positions are very similar.

  2. Hi MAS, yes are positions are very similar. I not only applaud your movement, but am a vocal supporter of it as well. So let me explain myself in a very careful way the reasoning behind my previous statement.

    I do believe that the west is presently at loggerheads with the majority held view by the world’s Muslims. While I support your efforts, I do realize however just how much of a minority supports your movement’s views.

    This is not the first time in Islamic history that calls for reform have been issued, promoted and subsequently squashed. The current pull for modernity in Islam need not end in the same way, and I truly hope it succeeds this time around.

    But the case is, that the tradtionalists in Islamic jurisprudence hold the upper hand, and it’s their upper hand which forms the majority of the Islamic world, that the west and its modernity is waging a battle of ideas against.

    I would welcome a private discourse with you via email, which can be found in my profile section. Though I’m a non-Muslim, I do believe that I have an accurate picture of the situation, but would most certainly welcome your opinions as well.

    We are on the same side here, but just have a different views as to the total picture of things. I welcome your input. *L* KGS

  3. KGS,

    “but just have a different views as to the total picture of things.”

    I’m not so sure. I agree with 100% of your comment.

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