Paleostinians Terrorism

The Palestinian Murder of Ecuadorian Volunteer Carlos Andres Chavez…….

A 20-year-old volunteer from Ecuador, Carlos Andres Chavez (pictured) was gunned down by a Palestinian sniper’s bullet which was fired from the Gaza Strip. Chavez was working in the fields of the Ein Hashlosha kibbutz at the time, which is situated near the coastal terrorist enclave. In a letter delivered to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Israel is asking that the UN to condemn the terror attack.

“The letter condemned the killing of Ecuadorian volunteer Carlos Andres Chavez by a Palestinian sniper at Kibbutz Ein Hashlosa in southern Israel and the Qassam attack on Sderot, which included more than 40 rockets and lightly injured four people.”

As a result of Palestinian sniper fire in the past, Israel had built the first section of its security fence near the Arab town of Qalqilya. I had visited that area some years ago, and saw the anti-terror barrior up close, which consists of a combination of chain link fence and concrete structures, with the latter offering protection to an Israeli highway from Palestinian sniper fire.

Primerprez has posted an excellent article of his that shows the stark contrasts between the death of Carlos Chavez and Rachel Corrie. One was the victim of an intentional, brutal act of Palestinian terrorism, the other a victim of her own stupidity. *L* KGS

A Study in Contrasts: The Deaths of Rachel Corrie and Andres Muscara Chavez

On March 16, 2003, a woman who had gone to the Gaza Strip to support Hamas in its terror war against Israel was killed when she apparently slipped, fell behind a pile of rocks and was accidentally crushed as a bulldozer was clearing debris.

On January 14, 2008, a young man who had gone to Israel to volunteer on a kibbutz was murdered by a sniper as he worked in a potato field.

The woman was Rachel Corrie, one of numerous Americans and other foreigners who have died in the Arab-Israeli conflict. Her death differed from almost all the others in two significant ways: her death was an accident and, although indirectly, her death came from an Israeli action.

The man was Andres Muscara Chavez. His death, unlike Corrie’s, was in the category of most of the others: it was deliberate and it came at the hands of Palestinian Arab terrorists.

Corrie’s accidental death instigated an avalanche of anti-Israel propaganda. Her diary and other writings have been published and a propaganda play produced and run in London, New York and other venues.

In contrast, it’s unlikely the death of Andres Muscara Chavev will attract much more attention than the deaths of Rachel Charhi, Rachel Gavish, Rachel Levi, Rachel Levy, Rachel Shabo and Rachel Thaler.

Most people know the name Rachel Corrie, but hardly anyone knows about any of these other Rachels. More here.

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