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Three Arrested at Vaasa Airport For Smuggling Khat Into Finland…….

According to a STT article in the Helsingin Sanomat online edition, three men with “foreign backgrounds” were arrested for smuggling 40 kilos of the drug known as “khat” into Finland. Due to PC restrictions here, the exact foreign backgrounds of the men in question and in custody, remain unknown. Whatever.

The fact that Somalis are the main group of refugees in Finland from that region of the world where khat is chewed, gives me reason to believe that they were Somali nationals who were involved in the smuggling operation. What I found amusing however, was the comment section to the story.

  • “Suvaitsevaisuuden nimissä khat tulisi laillistaa./ In the name of tolerance khat should be legalized”
  • Khatin käyttö vähentää tutkitusti työttömyyden aiheuttamaa syrjäytyneisyyden ja ahdistuksen tunnetta. Työikäisillä somaleilla, joka on khatin suurin yksittäinen käyttäjäryhmä Suomessa, työttömyys on 90 prosentin luokkaa. Olisiko yhteiskunnan aika katsoa peiliin ja laillistaa khat? / The use of khat scientifically reduces the feeling of discrimination and anxiety caused by unemployment. Those Somalis of work age, who make up the largest user group of khat in Finland, have a 90% unemployment rate. Isn’t it time for Finland to look in the mirror and legalize khat?”

The best answer to these comments was “Khat on Suomen lain mukaan huume ja Suomen lain mukaan me elämme. Ainakin osa meistä. / Khat is a drug according to Finnish law, and according to Finnish law we live. at least some of us.”

Question: How can people who reside in Finland as refugees, continue to go back and forth to the place they fled from, and maintain their refugee status? Also worth asking is how can people be able to afford drugs while living on basic unemployment subsidies? Just asking, *L* KGS

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  1. This blog is outrageously racist but it was written by a hateful person, so it isn't surprising. However, I do have some advice for Europeans who hate Muslim foreigners: HAVE BABIES! You need immigrants because the average age of Europeans now stands around 41, Is that the fault of Muslim immigrants? No, it's the fault of an inheritantly selfish-materialist-consumerist culture. Let's propose you drive out all the foreigners, who is going to run these huge geriatric colonies that the EU will become very soon? Like it or not; the median age in Turkey, Iran, Yemen, Morocco,Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Egypt is about 17, In Denmark, Sweden,UK, Hungary, France, Germany and Spain the average age is 41! In the passion of your hatred, try to be realistic: ISLAM IS THE FUTURE OF EUROPE!

  2. Outside of your erreous claim that the TT is "waycist" and that capitalism is wrong.. youhave a good point that every politician in Europe should read.

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