Back to Square One in Lebanon…….

The Hezbollanazis are now in control of higher-quality rockets with longer ranges, something that the EU Finnish presidency and the UN turned a blind eye to when they sought a cease fire to the Israeli/Lebanon war. The UNIFIL forces are impotent to stop the Hezbollah, something that I predicted in 2006.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak said Monday that Hizbullah has improved its capabilities by acquiring higher-quality rockets with longer ranges than those fired in the Second Lebanon War. He spoke during a meeting of the Council for Peace and Security in Tel Aviv.


During his remarks, Barak said that Hizbullah’s rocket inventory had grown by a large margin from its size before the previous war and currently includes upgraded rockets capable of reaching further distances. He added that Hizbuallah seems to be operating north of the Litani River and has fortified its positions through the use of “nature reserves” – a euphemism for military bunkers.”

Former US ambassador to the UN, John Bolton warned the international community against settling for a ceasefire, he wanted a UNSCR that would tackle the problem of Hezbollah being a state within a state. Any initiative that actually strove to limit the chances of another war between the two sides, needed a UNSC resolution with teeth. That was something that the Finns, as well as the rest of Europe didn’t have the stomach to pursue.

So now we see the situation on Israel’s northern border as serious as it was before the outbreak of hostilities in the summer of 2006. Though it “appears” that Hezbollah is operating north of the Litani river, I would lay odds that they have rebuilt much of what was lost, or simply improvised their defences in order not to attract too much attention. More here. *L* KGS

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