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MP Geert Wilders Targeted in Dutch Muslim Hate Crime Video…….

I came across this story first, through the Gates of Vienna who promises to have the video transcribed as soon as possible. This is really sick, and regardless of whatever views you have concerning the politics of Geert Wilders –who has called for the Koran to be banned in Holland– nobody has the right to symbolically behead anyone in a rap video.

This is a hate crime that should be prosecuted in the Dutch courts, with the perpetrators, Youssef & Kamal and company being put into prison. This video is just setting the stage for a possible attempted political murder of Geert Wilders, with Pim Fortuyn’s assassination as the role model.

The blogger Zonka suggests that: “we all send Geert Wilders a nice supportive New Years Greeting… It can be done via the Contact Form on the “Partij voor de Vrijheid” (Party for Freedom) page. Press the “Verstuur Mail” to send your message.”

I have already done so. Hats off to Geert Wilders, Dutch patriot and standard bearer for European democracy and sanity. *L* KGS

Update: A Tundra Tabloid reader supplied the link directly to the video uploaded on YouTube. If YouTube has any inclination in adhering to its guidelines, it’ll remove the offensive video.

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  1. This wilder guy is a nobody who wants to be somebody by insulting about 20 percent of humanity who are muslims. All other religions can be as shitty as Islam. yet insulting anyone is a work of a sick minded person.

  2. Bologna Anon, Geert Wilders is a somebody, and that he takes on the political correctness that turns a blind eye to Islamic intolerance gives me great satisfaction and hope, that perhaps more politicians and the public alike, will start to ‘shake off’ their dhimmitude.

    You sound like you are either naive, or an Islamist yourself. No NOT ALL RELIGIONS ARE ALIKE. ALL OTHER MAIN RELIGIONS DO NOT CONTAIN THE IDEOLOGY OF JIHAD.


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