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Iran Puts The squeeze on Its Jews…….

I mentioned in an earlier post about 40 Jews who managed to escape to Israel from Iran. A Tundra Tabloid reader forwards the following link showing how the Iranian “mullahship” is trying to counter all the negative publicity.

Ew…yuuuuck, the picture of the disingenuous mob sickens me. They love Jews the way a crocodile loves baby chicks.

“Following yesterday’s dramatic news of 40 Jews immigrating to Israel from Iran, the Iranian government has again marched out the leaders of the Jewish community in the country to do their public relations damage control. Maurice Motamed, the only Jewish member of the Iranian parliament and Ciamak Morsathegh, who heads the Tehran Jewish Committee were both out in full force chatting with CNN , and other western media news outlets trying to portray the lives of Jews in Iran as “safe” and supposedly free from Anti-semitism. In an effort to combat the negative publicity about the Iranian government generated yesterday and make Iran sound like the “garden of Eden” for Jews, both Motamed and Morsathegh were almost parroting the same words Iran’s fundamentalist Islamic leaders have been saying recently about the country’s 20,000 Jews:

“We are one of the oldest communities in Iran. We are free to practice our religion. Anti-Semitism is a Western phenomenon but Jews have never been in danger in Iran. We are Iranian Jews and are proud of our nationality. No amount of money can encourage us to give up Iran. Our nationality is not up for sale,” Morsathegh said.

The hope of the mullahs who hold the true power in Iran is to reverse the bad press they have been getting as anti-Semitic jihadists. Undoubtedly news of 40 Jew leaving Iran in a covert mission is embarrassing to the regime who is trying to curry favor with European countries whom they want to trade with. What better way to combat any anti-Semitic rhetoric Iran’s President spews than to march out the countries Jews and have them say “great things” about the regime! You may wonder why the Jewish community leaders in Iran are so willing to praise the regime that is holding them hostage. The answer is simple…duress! They say whatever their captors tell them to say or else all Jews in Iran will suffer unknown persecution. For this reason, comments made by Motamed and other Jews in Iran lack all credibility.

If we are to believe the Jewish leaders in Iran and accept their words that Iran is a paradise for Jews to live in, then why has the once 100,000 strong Jewish community dwindled down to 20,000? Why have thousands of Jews fled Iran since 1979 and been forced to leave billions of dollars in assets behind if the regime is so fair and gives rights to Jews? If Iran is such a just and fair country to the Jews, then why do Iranian Islamic laws, have separate punishments for the same crimes depending on whether the victim is Muslim or not, or whether the offender is Muslim or non-Muslim? For example, in the case of rape…if the man is a Muslim and the woman a Jew (or any non-Muslim) the man will face no penalty, except pay the woman compensation if it was a very violent rape. But if a non-Muslim rapes a Muslim woman, the only punishment he will face is execution!

Like in all dictatorships, the public words of a leadership representing a persecuted minority cannot be trusted as being truly representative of the feelings and opinions of their people. Read more here. *L* KGS

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