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In the aftermath of yesterday’s LGF posting about a Tundra Tabloids story –concerning whether or not the kingdom of lizardroids have been infiltrated by pro-IslamoLeftists– I received an interesting tidbit in the comment section, about Sami Zemni, who sits on the board of BlokWatch, that sits in judgement of the Vlaams Belang.

According to the commenter Queen, “Sami Zemni is a poor man’s version of Tariq Ramadan”, and is connected to the Ghent Centre for Islam in Europe. Here are some quotes from their manifesto, they sure make some interesting reading:

1. An important intellectual condition for “embedding” Islam in Western society is that a modernised programme of scientific Islam studies should be introduced at university level. At this moment about 400.000 Muslims (or people with Muslim background) live in Belgium and their number is growing. In the countries of Western Europe their total number is estimated at nine or 10 million. If the younger generations are not provided with an up-to-date knowledge of their religion and their original cultural heritage, they will lack the necessary intellectual tools required to create a place of their own in Western society. For non-Muslims as well though such a programme will be of importance: their active participation in it will realize the necessary social reciprocity and dialogue.

[Note: the intro to the manifesto states that there are 350.000 Muslims in Belgium, so apparently the number has leaped between the time both the intro and the main page were written. Also, they don’t aim to just take their place in western society, they want to supplant it.]

2. Islam is a universal as well as a European religious tradition. For the sake of Muslims and non-Muslims, its scientific study should be freed from the shackles of traditional Orientalism. Based on the two scientific pillars of islamology and social sciences, the study of Islam should get a modern profile. Within the space of an academic department, its graduates will be experts on the Qur’an, the hadith and other sources of Islam; Islamic law and theology; Muslim cultures, languages and literatures (not only Arabic, but also Turkish, Persian, Berber, etc.); Muslim philosophy, sociology, etc. Be they Muslim or non-Muslim they will play an important social role, inside as well as outside the Muslim community.

[Note: Here again we are being treated to the “Tariq Ramadan course of European history”. The introduction to the upside down world of Edward Said is crucial if we are going to understand Islam and Arabs, or at least that is what the Eurabians think. After reading only this far, we are faced with the creeping Islamization of our society, openly I might add. I wonder why LGF’s ace source in the hole, Øyvind Strømmen, never bothered to mention anything about Sami Zemni?]

3. As for the creation of institutes and curricula for religious and theological education and training, this should be the sole prerogative of the Islamic communities themselves – as is the case for the Catholic, Protestant, Humanist and other denominations. Muslims should be able to enjoy the same material facilities as the other creeds, but any kind of interference in spiritual matters should be out of the question.

[Note: Spiritual matters in Islam means a heck of a lot more than it does in other religions, since Islam is 100% political, and governs every aspect of one’s everyday life.]

4. On a basis of equality with graduates of other creeds and different world views, Muslim academic graduates, men and women, will be able to pursue a public career of imam, teacher, social worker, etc. Provided as they will be with specific skills and expertise, they will take care of their fellow-believers and of other fellow-citizens: the elderly, the sick, the young, etc. Thus, they will contribute positively and decisively to the realisation of a better integrated and more harmonious European society. All discriminations blocking the entry of young Muslims to higher education (e.g. the ban on scarves) should be abolished from now on.

What Sami Zemni’s group is reciting here, are the ways and means in setting up a parallel society within European societies. Sami Zemni has other interesting views as well, over at the Inclusive world Forum, he wrote the following:

“The activism of Islamism, just like other faith-based movements, is a highly modern phenomenon. All forms of fundamentalisms need and thrive on modernity to constitute themselves. Islamism and its radical jihad-form do not stand on the firm ground of (Islamic) tradition but are traditionalised responses to the doubt, characteristic of our modern predicament. It is not Islamic tradition that ‘produces’ Islamism or its militants. It is rather the conscious choice by the militants for what they call Islamic tradition – and one should add the “re-invented” forms of it – that produces Islamism. Islamism in general and its jihad-form in particular, are thus an anti-modern modernity, a way of dealing with uncertainty within modernity and offer a theoretical alternative.”

You got that? Islamism is “a modern day phenomenon” and so we are lead to assume that the entire former Christian areas in the Middle East and Northern Africa did not fall to Islam, they just happened to have “seen the light”. I suggest the reading of Efraim Karsh’s book, “Islamic Imperialism, A History“, for a full understanding on what Islam has done through the centuries. The “jihad ideology” is an intrical part of Islam, and Sami Zemni is desperately trying to muddy the waters concerning it.

The commenter Queen adds: “This is what Charles has climbed into bed with. Google Sami Zemni — lots more where this came from. Oh, and he signed a petition to charge various members of the Bush administration with war crimes. Wonder what Charles thinks of THAT?”

I really do wonder as well. *L* KGS

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