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Saudi Ex-Gitmo Inmates Living it up…….

The worst of the worst are now the “crème de la crème”. Just who are the Saudis and US officials kidding?

“After a reunion of nearly a week with their families, the former detainees begin a six-week program to “correct their ideasabout jihad and non-Muslims, a government effort to woo them away from al-Qaeda‘s radical theology in one-on-one discussions with religious scholars, Saudi officials said. Our government gave people a chance to correct their mistakes and start a new life, to understand Islam and make people understand government,” Dossari said. “This is the only solution for terrorism.”

Yeah right, the Wahhabist Saudis are going to “retrain” these jihadists from their jihadist ideology, through their purist 7th century version of Islam, that leaves no room for debate about the supreme role that jihad (the open ended war against the non-believer) plays in the life of a “true Muslim”.

Riiiight, and I have a few palm trees with camels milling about them in my backyard here in Finland. These “former jihadists” are being rewarded by the Saudi state for “just doing their religious duty”, along with promises that they will not embarrass the “the Kingdom” with any future escapades in the jihad. What a sweet deal, and with a wife or two, or three in the making.

In other words, jihad pays, big time! More here. *L* KGS

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