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Finnish Media Trumpet NIE Report…….

The recent publishing of National Intelligence Estimate’s (NIE) 150 page report on Iran’s nuclear programs has caused a stir not only in the US, but here in Finland as well. The NIE’s findings supposedly prove that Iran halted its nuclear weapons programs back in 2003, thereby contradicting the Bush administrations assertions that Iran is still heading full steam with these very same programs.

But wait there’s more!

Via Atlas Shrugs, the Tundra Tabloids finds out that the NIE report is not entirely what it is being trumpeted to be, making the Keskisuomalainen’s (courtesy of Juhana Lepoluoto) claims of…:

“Pohjois-Koreankin esimerkki osoitti, että neuvottelemalla on usein mahdollista saada parempia tuloksia kuin pommittamalla.”

Translation: “The North Korean example shows that better results are acheived through negotiations than through bombing”.

…a bit naive and over optimistic. The News Max article by Ken Timmerman is very illuminating, because it tells us what none of the other news media wants us to know. Instead of being the product of the present day intelligence community, it’s the sole product of “former” State Department officials and intelligence analysts.

“A highly controversial, 150 page National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Iran’s nuclear programs was coordinated and written by former State Department political and intelligence analysts — not by more seasoned members of the U.S. intelligence community, Newsmax has learned.

Its most dramatic conclusion — that Iran shut down its nuclear weapons program in 2003 in response to international pressure — is based on a single, unvetted source who provided information to a foreign intelligence service and has not been interviewed directly by the United States.

Newsmax sources in Tehran believe that Washington has fallen for “a deliberate disinformation campaign” cooked up by the Revolutionary Guards, who laundered fake information and fed it to the United States through Revolutionary Guards intelligence officers posing as senior diplomats in Europe.”

Outside of News Max, why has the media been so willing to not disclose that little piece of “inconvient truth”? I’ll tell you why, because the ommission of that fact would harpoon the media’s official line that “Iran is not a threat”. Look at how the washington Post headlined its lead article on the NIE report: “A Blow to Bush’s Tehran Policy”.

IMHO, this NIE report is nothing more than a “blue smoke and miorrors attempt” by the US State Department, to do a foreign policy “end run” around a sitting (and lame duck) Republican president. As Pamela at Atlas Shrugs stated: “At war with ourselves. Freakin scary considering the stakes”. More here. *L* KGS

Note: To understand more on how career US diplomats think and actually work against their own government, read the interview of former US ambassador to the UN, John Bolton by my dear friend Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs.

Note: While taking my dog for a walk this evening, I couldn’t help but to laugh out loud when the thought of N.Korea being came to mind. Keskisuomalainen “ace” reporter, Juhana Lepoluoto, actually believes that the negotiations with the N.Koreans are a blueprint for dealing with the Iranians, though the N.Korean’s are busy proliferating nuke technology to the Syrians.

Yeah ….negotiations with unreasonable people will produce reasonble solutions,….yeah right.

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  1. Thanks for this information! I was initially suspicious, because I received the information from “Party media” (Yle, HS etc). Looks like my suspicions were not entirely unfounded.

  2. Of course, the issue was covered by Pekka “Psycho” Mykkänen of Helsingin Sanomat. Even the title is priceless: Irak jäänee Bushin ja Cheneyn viimeiseksi sodaksi (Iraq will likely remain the last war of Bush and Cheney).

    Tarkan käsityksen puuttuessa Bush ja Cheney ovat voineet lietsoa Iranin vastaista ilmapiiriä, mutta nyt se käy vaikeammaksi.

  3. I agree fellas, the media has a nack for “dropping the ball” on just about every big name story that comes to mind.

    You guys tell me, if the Keskisuomalainen is supposedly a Central party paper, thereby “conservative”, why does it behave as if it were an extreme Left wing rag?

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