Belgium Vlaams Belang

Belgium: Vlaams Belang Sings Against Islamization…….

A really snappy tune and to the point. *L* KGS

Oh no, a mosque again
They are really everywhere, from the city to the sea
Oh no, a mosque again
Enough is enough, so I say no!

Political-correct, anti-racist, multicultural
Everything’s becoming way too much
Minaret and Muslim prayer for Mohammed
Flanders is not a Muslim land!

A mosque again
For Ahmed, Ali, Mohammed
Oh yes, another mosque
Islam, Koran, I’m not joining in

My koekestad (Antwerp), my Flemish city
is becoming too quickly Antwerpistan
with sharia and djellaba
everything halal and always Ramadan.
The cathedral, Brabo and het Steen,
Antwerp with an A, is better than ‘Insh-allah’!

Via Esther.

2 Responses

  1. The Muslims we look to with hope are the “modernists”, who truly believe in liberal democracy such that Islam should be a matter of personal faith, not politics.

    Those who refuse to condemn sharia (Islamic law) as being incompatible with modern day society, are the Muslims we take issue with. It is these Muslims who present a clear and present danger to the rest of society.


    You forgot your window dressing. Really, disgustingly pathetic.

  2. While that may indeed be your opinion, how you draw that conclusion is embarresingly simplistic and way off the mark.

    Being inundated with third world Muslims who have little or no understanding of European democracy, nor care little for it…is not a good idea.

    If Islam had undergone the same kinds of reformation as other religions, and did not pose a danger to liberal democratic pluralism….we would not be having this exchange right now.

    You Egan, represent those who know little about the problem….who indeed become a part of the problem.

    Please enlighten me more on your off balanced claims.

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