A Must Read at American Thinker, The Nazis and Christianity…….

Read it all here and soak it in, the National Socialists were just that, socialists, and opposed to the religions of Christianity and Judaism in the classic Marxist sense. The Left owns all of this of course, –lock, stock and barrel– and have greatly benefited from the fallacious assertion that the Nazis were products of the “right wing”.

The universal acceptance of that bogus claim has landed the Left into a position of being “the guardians” of modern liberal democratic societies from the spectre of intolerant nationalism, while all along they’re the blood-ideological-brothers of the defeated racist National Socialists (Nazis).

Until the Left can admit as much, they remain as much a threat to liberal democracies as their murderous kin, the Nazis. *L* KGS

Note: Online magazine Azure has an excellent article by Uriya Shavit, “Old Fears, New Threats”.

Here is one snippet:

The challenge that Muslim thinking poses to European society is not simple, especially because the memory of anti-Semitism reverberates in the collective European consciousness. Europe knows just how short the distance is from alarmist newspaper articles about a foreign minority infiltrating the nation to a murderous outburst against that minority; from abuse hurled at people in the street because their beliefs and external appearance are different to an actual pogrom. Indiscriminate, blind, arrogant, and chauvinistic hostility toward Islam and Muslims is a phenomenon that Europe must denounce and correct, if it wishes to prove that it really has learned anything from its past.

But there is another warning that history has given Europe: Dangerous ideas should not be ignored because only a very few are loyal to them. Today, Europe is once again witness to the growing power of an ideology that despises territorial borders, undermines the liberal political system, and rejects Western concepts of human rights. There is indeed cause for alarm. As restricted and minimal as its influence may be, the imagined Nation of Islam is not just an idea; instruments of immense power have been pressed into its service. If Europe closes its eyes, if it chooses to label all critical analysis of Islam and its adherents as a xenophobic equivalent to anti-Semitism, that imagined nation, left without resistance or opposition, may very well succeed in undermining the foundations of the order in which it functions.

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