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Leaders in Israel’s Leftist Fifth Column Are Traitors, Every One of Them…….

The Israeli Arab Monitoring Committee, Hadash and the Israeli Communist Party should be the first entities to be repatriated to any future Palestinian state, or whatever else you want to call it. It’s because they are total traitors to the Jewish state that they’re living in, and do not deserve to be its citizens any longer.

“The Higher Arab Monitoring Committee unanimously decided Saturday to reject Israel’s demand that the Palestinians recognize it as a “Jewish State” as a part of the peace negotiations. The Palestinians have also announced that they reject the Israeli demand. The decision was made at the Committee’s meeting in Nazareth after Hadash and the Israeli Communist parties demanded that an official stance against the Israeli demand be taken prior to the upcoming Annapolis conference.”

It’s buffoons and idiots such as these, which continue to give hope to those who want to get rid of the Jewish state of Israel once and for all. The Jewish contingent within the Israeli Communist Party actually believe that the political solidarity they presently share with their Palestinian, Jordanian counterparts, will carry over once the “Zionist entity” is dissolved. The dimwits.

They should take time to confer with their Finnish counterpart, Laura Tuominen, who took notice of the fragmentation of the various Palestinian Communists into smaller groups, during her visit to the area last summer. She was frustrated over their lack of unity, but also mentions on her blog (correctly I might add) that :

“PFLP antoi ymmärtää olevansa kiinnostunut vasemmistoyhteistyön kehittämisestä. Käytännössä ajatus lienee kuitenkin mahdoton, mikäli PFLP ei luovu Oslon sopimuksen vastaisuudestaan tai vaatimuksestaan yhdestä, demokraattisesta valtiosta kaikille ryhmille kahden valtion sijaan.

Translation: The PFLP let it be understood that they are interested in developing the cooperation between the Leftists. In practice the idea is near impossible, if the PFLP does not give up its rejection of the Oslo agreements or its demand for a single democratic state for all groups in place of the two state solution.”

I assume that the Finnish Left is committed to the two state solution, so Tuominen is therefore repeating the party line. But nonetheless, Laura Tuominen, who sees the two state solution as the only solution and not a bi-national state, is more of a friend of the Israeli people than her loony Israeli counterparts. More here. *L* KGS

Update: Israeli Arabs rally for Shalit, Regev, Goldwasser.

“Dozens of Israeli-Arabs participated in a rally for the realese of kidnapped soldiers Gilad Shalit, Eldad Regev and Ehud Golwasser in the village of Kfar Kassem on Wednesday evening. Guests of honor included MK Ibrahim Sarsur (Ra’am-Ta’al) and Noam Shalit, Gilad’s father. Shalit told Ynet that participants “expressed their support for my family and for Gilad. They believe in co-existence and working to better the relationship between our communities.”

Shalit addressed the rally and called on Gilad’s kidnappers to “act like human beings” and release his son. Shalit emphasized that his son was abducted while guarding the country’s borders and not during a raid into enemy territory.

So it should be noted that these Israeli Arabs differ greatly from the ones described in the above. *L* KGS

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