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Saudi Lawyer Licence Suspended For Defending Rape Victim…….

Now how’s that for justice in the Kingdom of Gender Apartheid? Abdurrahman al-Lahem gets slapped for challenging the verdict handed down by a Saudi court that convicted six Sunni men of raping a Shiite woman. But the woman didn’t leave the Islamic court with the usual sense of vindication a plaintiff has, after seeing her former persecuters convicted in a court of law, and that justice was indeed served.

No…..because she herself was also sentenced as well, to receive ninety lashes for…..being a woman brutally victimized. In Islamothought, she must have been doing something to have caused her own rape.

You know, the meat thing.

“A Saudi lawyer and human rights activist said on Wednesday that a court in the ultra-conservative Muslim kingdom withdrew his licence after he objected to a ruling which penalised a female rape victim. Abdurrahman al-Lahem told AFP that the court in the eastern town of Al-Qatif banned him from handling the rape case and confiscated his lawyer’s licence because he challenged the verdict. “The ministry of justice also summoned me to appear before a disciplinary committee” during the first week of December, Lahem said.”

Not only that the poor guy faces disbarment. All brought to you by the Kingdom of un-enlightenment. More here. *L* KGS

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