Immigration to Sweden Almost Keeps Pace With Swedish Emmigration…….

Left unchanged, the last ethnic Swede should be turning out the lights when leaving Sweden before too long. In spite of Sweden’s striking down of the temporary asylum law, immigration to Sweden remains at an all time high.

“The rate of immigration for the first three quarters of 2007 has so far kept pace with last year, when a record-breaking total of 95,750 people moved to Sweden. As in previous years, the largest group is made up of Swedes coming back from abroad. But the number of Iraqis is fast approaching that of returning Swedes, according to Statistics Sweden. By the end of September, 12,821 Swedish citizens had returned to the country, while 9,203 Iraqis had immigrated to the Scandinavian country.”

While is’t true that 12, 821 Swedes have returned to Sverige, over 17, ooo of its citizens have left for other shores. Also, in the nine months of this year, 82, 661 babies have been born, but since ethnic Swedes only average about 1.8 children per family –not enough to sustain the traditional population growth of the country– it means that a substantial demographic change is in the making.

“The birth-rate too is higher than it has been for years. Not since 1994 have so many children (82,661) been born in Sweden during the first three quarters of the year. In all, births exceeded deaths by 14,266.”

All this of course is a moot subject if the majority of Swedes are OK with the trend, because in the end, they are the ones who have to decide what kind of society they want. The combination of the Swedish welfare state and low Swedish ethnic birth rate will come at a cost, and the question is, are they willing to pay it? More here. *L* KGS

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