Israel meathead politicians Paleostinians Palestinian Child Abuse Peace Plans

Peace in Our Time…….

Get ready folks, the peace train is coming to Poly-Annopolis, the next stop for optomistic buffoonish antics by international politicians.

“Israel has decided to make Annapolis a success, to bring an end to the conflict, to finally make peace between the Palestinians and ourselves,” Peres told a news conference here after talks with his Turkish counterpart Abdullah Gul. “It takes time to make peace… but I believe we can make peace now with the Palestinians,” he said.”

The dirty terrorist war that has been leveled at Israel over the past decades has come at the expense of not only dead Israelis, but also at the expense of the Palestinians themselves, that has seen its society raped by the competing warlord thugs of the Hamas and Fattah.

The indoctrination of their youth into the jihad ideology /death culture is totally a Palestinian phenomenon. It didn’t have to be so, the Palestinians have been the recipients of more foreign aid per person than anyother national group in existence, and they have nothing to show for it due to their own misrule, and the UN’s/EU’s lack of proper monitoring mechanisms for aid money going into the PA.

Time for the Arabs to fess up and stop acting like infantiles. Time for them to behave like people who intend to care for their own and invest aid money into its infrastructure… not in more weaponry. Time for them to invest their funds into the building of play parks and wholesome programing for their children, …not in more combat training youth camps and imitation Micky Mouse programs that promote violence and death.

Corruption and violence was indeed forcasted by many who thought the Oslo accords were nothing more than a “trojan horse”, and they were proven correct. The “peace train” that is now approaching Annopolis, will leave the station with more promises from the Palestinians that will, in time, prove to have been empty ones.

Not until the Palestinians are no longer a threat to themsleves, will they ever be able to live in peace with Israel. More here. *L* KGS

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