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Muslims Against Sharia Interviewed in Front Page Mag…….

The Front Page Mag interviews Khalim Massoud, president of the organization called Muslims Against Sharia (MAS). The Tundra Tabloids was contacted by the MAS in an earlier post here. This group of Muslims offer hope for the future, which sees Islam eventually reconciling itself with the modern age.

I can’t say just how successful they will be, but one thing is certain, Khalim Massoud is certainly not pulling any punches:

Islam in its present form is incompatible with modern society, that’s why it needs to be reformed. The first step is to abandon the doctrine of Islamic supremacy and remove passages from religious texts that could be interpreted (or misinterpreted) as calls to violence. We believe it is possible. Muslims, just as all other people, are human beings. If Christians could abandon the Inquisition, Muslims can abandon Jihad. Taking violence out of Islam is not the same as taking Islam out of Islam. It is a historical fact that major religions like Christianity and Judaism have undergone reformations on more than one occasion. Islamic reformation is no different.”


You, meaning non-Muslims, must stop living in your PC fantasy world, stop worrying about offending Muslims, and start calling things what they are. You must draw a clear distinction between Muslims and Islamofascists, between Islam and Islamism. Muslims will not be offended at the term “Islamofascism” as long as it is clear that the term applies to Islamists, not Muslims in general. You can no longer afford to pretend that there is no global war between Islamists and the rest of the world. You must pressure the government and the media to stop whitewashing (and cut all ties with) Islamists. Just because Islamists claim to be moderates, that doesn’t make it so.

You must stop financing radical Islamic regimes like Saudi Arabia and Iran, but sending billions of Petro-Dollars to the Persian Gulf. You must provide political (and should provide financial) support for moderate Muslim groups, i.e., American Islamic Forum for Democracy. There are plenty of moderate Muslims who would join the fight against Islamism, given the chance. It must be made absolutely clear that terrorism is a military issue and terrorism cases, i.e., HLF or al-Arian, have no place in civilian courts.

When Islamists praise bin Laden, march with “Hizballah is our Army” posters, or desecrate the American flag, you call it freedom of speech. But when a counter-terrorism researcher protests against events organized by Islamists, he is charged with harassment and gets a restraining order. And when another counter-terrorism researcher sheds light on Islamist-al Qaeda ties, she is sued for libel.

The Tundra Tabloids strongly supports the “Muslims Against Sharia“, and firmly believes that they, and others like them, are the voices our politicians and the media should be seeking out and enterning into dialogue with. My best wishes for them. They are very brave indeed. More here. *L* KGS

Note: My side column represents the very same sentiments that Khalim Massoud and his organization represents. It was written without any prior knowledge of him or his organization. Great minds think alike!

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  1. On the surface, this is always good to see. However, scrutinize these guys (and their linked websites, blogs etc.) carefully.

    I’m sure most of these guys are good people. However, you are destined to find a few Commies in there who take the “reform” and “progressive” labels to the next degree of absurdity. I trust that you will know them when you read their stuff.

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