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The Brussels Journal: On Racists, ‘Racists,’ and Harakirists

The arguments bwtween the LGF and the Brussels Journal continue to be hashed out and defined. The latest salvo fired is by Takuan Seiyo, in an excellent piece titled: On Racists, ‘Racists,’ and Harakirists.

“My mother’s brother was executed without trial on a busy street in front of her eyes, and her parents would be murdered a few days later in an extermination camp – all for the crime of philo-Semitism. They had been most likely denounced to the Gestapo by a local anti-Semite.

My mother’s journey through darkness would last another three years. She would be one of four people who survived the liquidation of her concentration camp, and would appear as state witness in the trial of her camp commandant –- an Austro-German devil’s incarnation, complete with a people-ripping Great Dane. She would marry a Jew and remain throughout her life a philo-Semite and supporter of Israel.

It is therefore not coincidental that when hysterical, historical and cultural ignoramuses started lobbying transoceanic charges of crypto-Nazism at Vlaams Belang and The Brussels Journal, I recalled the evening when I was sitting with my mother by the telly, and the news announcer said, voice unsteady from suppressed fury, that Jörg Haider’s Austrian Freedom Party had just won 27% of the vote in the 1999 Austrian elections.

My mother, old and ailing by then, looked at me and said, “Finally, some common sense in Europe.”

I am no expert in modern European history, and if I were, you couldn’t trust what I say anyway, for bending with the academic zeitgeist, most likely I’d be manipulating data to make whitey look bad. But as one who has the calling of writing, and is a practitioner of Zen, I am a serious student of reality.

I will not pretend, therefore, that I know much about the history of Flanders, except what every educated and still non-zombified person knows: great horses, an unjustifiably lesser slice of the Belgian pie, thwarted self-determination aspirations, and, yes, a few battalions of Waffen SS volunteers – whom, incidentally, my father did his best to kill in the frozen forests of Galicia.”

More here. *L* KGS

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