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Present Middle Eastern Relations With Israel Predetermined…….

From the dawn of history, of all the ideologies bestowed to humankind, none have left a more devastating impact upon human society than that of Islam. Whether discussing banking, business transactions, societal or social family relations or even terms of war, nothing so complete has ever been designed to encompass every aspect of life, than Islam.

Though Karl Marx believed he had succeeded in creating such a utopia, not even his revolutionary plan of social engineering called “Marxism”, was so complete as to encompass every aspect of human life. Adolf Hitler –although he openly loathed the Soviets– had intended to build his new Third Reich on “more superior socialist principles” called National Socialism, supposedly filling in the void where Communist Marxism “got it wrong”. Hitler was also a fond admirer of Islam and the culture it spawned.

Hitler viewed Islam as a more suitable fit to the German character than the ancient “meek and mild” religion of Christianity. According to Hitler, fate cheated the Nazis from a far superior belief system due to Charles Martel’s defeat of the Islamic horde in 732 at the Battle of Tours, which supposedly doomed the Germanic race (and by default, Europe) with a “second rate” religion called Christianity.

In a previous post discussing the interview of Egypt’s Boutros Boutros-Ghali –in which he blames Israel alone for the lack of a peace settlement during the past three decades– I pointed out the role that Arab/Muslim anti-Semitism plays in securing an endless level hostility directed at Jews in general, and the Jewish state in particular.

A frequent commentator at the Tundra Tabloids, Vasarahammer, made the following observations:

it’s called Arab ANTI-SEMITISM!

I know that this is it, but what is behind this Arab antisemitism needs to be explained. According to my understanding the following factors are the main reasons for the lack of peace:- honor/shame culture. Israel humiliated the Arabs by becoming independent and winning the subsequent wars. This “injustice” needs to be rectified.

  • islamic waqf: Israel is located on a territory once conquered by muslims. Therefore it belongs to muslims from here to eternity.
  • inability to compromise. Compromise is regarded by Arabs as tantamount to surrender. Besides, you only make deals with the Infidel to gain strength. Permanent peace is not possible.
  • islam’s hostility to Jews. There are several anti-jewish passages in the Quran and Hadith. However, they only have become central in the conflict because of the three factors above.

It is possible to state that the conflict is not about land like the leftists like to think. It is about the existence of Israel. If Arabs accept the existence of Israel as a Jewish state, peace can be achieved. However, for the above mentioned reasons peace will not be achieved in the near future. The only peace Arabs will accept is the one, in which Jews live under islamic rule as dhimmis.

I am in solid agreement with Vasarahammer for all the points he illuminates in the above. I wish to however point out that the main reason behind the Arab/Muslim world’s vile antisemitism, is not due to the Arab honor/shame culture, nor to the inability to compromise with their enemies, but that it is embedded within the Muslims’ own holy texts, in the Qur’an and in the Hadiths.

The Arab/Muslim conflict with the Jewish state of Israel, is not the reason behind Arab antisemitism, but the words and deeds of their prophet Mohamed. Mohamed waged war against the Jews during his lifetime, and this is seen as a model for every age there after.

The hatred for Jews is seen as a holy right, and the penalty Jews must pay for rejecting the words of Islam’s prophet and for supposedly conspiring against him. The Jews “supposedly know that Islam is correct”, but reject it nonetheless for an assorted amount of reasons. As Robert Spencer has stated time and again, that devout Muslims regularly accuse him of being “in bad faith”, supposedly knowing that “the Qur’an is true”, since he is very well versed in it.

It is the written text of the Qur’an as well as the Hadiths that gives “the faithful” a holy license to commit acts of violence towards Jews. Mohamed’s open ended calls for “jihad against the infidel”, coupled with his antisemitism towards Jews later in his life has ensured the “open ended” promulgation of anti-Jew incitement. Another Tundra Tabloid commentator, TINSC, recently stated that:

“We are routinely told that the War Against Israel is the cause of all strife in the Middle East, the Arab League and the entire world. For some strange reason, the War Against Israel doesn’t explain THIS.

TINSC is of course correct. Regardless of whether or not the Arab/Muslim conflict with Israel ended tomorrow, Arab on Arab, or Muslim on Muslim violence would indeed continue. The Jewish state is just a handy tool for Arab/Muslim states wanting to direct attention away from their own misrule.

It is antisemitism –which is routinely employed by the Arab/Muslim state run propaganda industry– that is the chief vehicle that keeps the conflict going, and that it presently dovetails with the international jihadists’ world view of Jews in general, is just a matter of pure coincidence. The sparks for Jew hatred is embedded in the Qur’an, and is not only responsible for past atrocities directed at Jews, but in the present, and unfortunately in the foreseeable future as well.

The Islamic system is the perfect incubator for such bigotry. Since no one inside the system dares question the system itself, nor its founder, Islam is then easily placed above all other value systems by the true believer, and through intimidation, by the non-believer as well.

When viewed in this light, is it any wonder that a totalitarian like Adolf Hitler viewed Islam as a belief and social system to be far superior to that of either Judaism or Christianity? *L* KGS

Note: Here is something I wrote awhile ago, that explains the evolution in the Arab war against Israel.

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