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BB-Ghali: Its all the Jews Fault…….

Here is another fine example of what’s wrong with the international community, which insists on giving Egyptian “bloviating poobahs” central positions within the UN and in other international organizations.

Boutros Boutros-Ghali claims that he knows the reason why peace in the Middle East hasn’t been achieved, –surprise surprise– it’s all Israel’s fault!

“After 30 years, I don’t see even a centimeter of progress,” Ghali gloomily recounts in an interview with Yedioth Ahronoth. “It’s completely possible to say that people hate you—not only in Egypt, but throughout the entire Arab world.”

Hey you with the parents who lacked any imagination in giving names,” it’s called Arab ANTI-SEMITISM! That and nothing else is the reason why the Arab world hates the Jewish state. As one Tundra Tabloid reader and close friend, TINSC has often stated, “if not for anti-Semitism, the War Against Israel (WAI) could not exist.

I find it highly hypocritical indeed, that this Coptic Christian Egyptian, has the audacity to level all blame at the Jewish state while his country is the chief promoter of the worst vile, grotesque anti-Semitism known in the modern age. What a hack.

While Boutros-Ghali is spouting off his mouth about Israel, the same forces that seek to destroy the Jewish state, also look forward to the day when they can do the same to the Coptic community in Egypt and elsewhere.

“Ghali’s blame for the failure to promote Arab-Israeli peace falls squarely on one recipient: Israel. He attacks Israel for peace negotiation failures, defends the Iranian nuclear program and protests that the whole world complains about suicide bombings but is silent on IDF targeted killings.”

Yeah right. For Israel to have pulled that one off, it would have meant for Israel to be on both sides of the bargaining table, since a lack of real “partners for peace” has been non-existent during these past thirty years. Sorry BB-G, your “claims and blames” don’t pass the bullshit test.

BB-G’s rooting for the Iranian’s is also very telling, no doubt he’s on Mohamed ElBaradei’s (IAEA) short list for people with whom he seeks advice. His moral equivocation of Palestinian homicide/suicide bombers and targeted assassinations by the IDF speak loudly of his own moral dilemma. In order for him to not become a target himself, it’s best that he singles out the only thing that unifies the whole Muslim/Arab world, the Jews who dare to declare themselves as equals in the Middle East.

What else could explain the laughable logic that equates those who seek to murder and maim as many people as possible, with those who single out terrorists who are seeking to harm its citizens. I could ask the rhetorical question of “what planet did BB-G fall from”, but since he hails from Egypt, well, that explains everything. More here. *L* KGS

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  1. “it’s called Arab ANTI-SEMITISM! “

    I know that this is it, but what is behind this Arab anti-semitism needs to be explained.

    According to my understanding the following factors are the main reasons for the lack of peace:

    – honor/shame culture. Israel humiliated the Arabs by becoming independent and winning the subsequent wars. This “injustice” needs to be rectified.
    – islamic waqf: Israel is located on a territory once conquered by muslims. Therefore it belongs to muslims from here to eternity.
    – inability to compromise. Compromise is regarded by Arabs as tantamount to surrender. Besides, you only make deals with the Infidel to gain strength. Permanent peace is not possible.
    – islam’s hostility to Jews. There are several anti-jewish passages in the Quran and Hadith. However, they only have become central in the conflict because of the three factors above.

    It is possible to state that the conflict is not about land like the leftists like to think. It is about the existence of Israel. If Arabs accept the existence of Israel as a Jewish state, peace can be achieved. However, for the above mentioned reasons peace will not be achieved in the near future.

    The only peace Arabs will accept is the one, in which Jews live under islamic rule as dhimmis.

    BBG is an Egyptian Coptic Christian and therefore he will not express views that might cause stir in the muslim community of Egypt. In addition, he is a UN bureacrat and can be considered a leftist and a transnationalist.

  2. It’s almost amusing how you hardliner zionists find anti-semitism in the critique of military ran state, where any chance of true democracy is shattered by apartheid and fear which puts exremists like e.g. Sharon a top of the system.

    Further, you seem to fail to understand anything on how religion and politics are intertwined and think that state-terrorism and non-democratic fascist-like methods are ok, if you’re fighting a greater evil, the totalitarian islamofascism, which I indeed agree to be evil. Just as all forms of extreme hierarchic leadership systems are whether christian, muslim or secular.

    How these play a role in the everyday life of arabs or muslims, then again is something completely different. Your rhetorics makes just as much sense as critisising anyone belonging to a baptist church for them being crazy homophobic hicks because of Westboro Baptist Chuch.

  3. Anonymous is not being truthfull in his statements. No one here is describing legitimate criticism of Israel as antisemitism, just the over the top deligitimizing of the Jewish state.

    The continual pointing of the finger solely in Israel’s direction is wearing thin. Such thinking is losing its steam and appeal.

    Gee, how can you differentiate between “hardliner Zionists” and just regular Zuinists? Please fill me in on that one.

    The usage of Apartheid and state terrorism might find a welcome home with most anti-Israel voices, but not here. It’s a bogus charge that cannot be backed up with actual fact. They’re one liner slogans that don’t take too much effort in spreading, but absolutely no imagination to conjure up.

    I suggest you read Robert Spencer’s new book,Religion of Peace? Why Christianity is and Islam isn’t.” I got a free book from the author himself.

    He picks apart the claims you just made about all religions behaving the same.

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