Islamic Intolerance Italy Saudi Arabia

Saudi King of Apartheid Arabia Arrives in Rome…….

A reciprocal move is to be expected as a result from the historic meeting, which will see the “Holy See” being invited to Mecca…………NOT.

That’s the rub in the whole “inter-cultural and inter-faith dialogue” between the Islamic world and …”the rest”. Islam demands both respect and tolerance from everyone else, but does little to next to nothing in return.

“The meeting with the pope is set for 12:30 pm (1130 GMT) on Tuesday. The Holy See and Saudi Arabia do not have diplomatic ties, but King Abdullah met Benedict’s predecessor John Paul II in 1999 when he was crown prince to his half brother King Fahd.

Islam is only interested in seeing its gains in Europe protected and enhanced, while having absolutely no interest in safegaurding the religious minorities that reside in the Muslim world. What fatwa has been issued from the “Kingdom” that condemns the burning of churches and synagogues as being….unIslamic? More here. *L* KGS

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