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The Kassam Barrage of S’derot…….

How much longer can Israel afford to not mount an all out offensive against the Palestinians in Gaza? This situation is completely out of hand.

According to the J’Lem Post, forty Kassam rockets have been fired into Israel this week alone.

“Sderot and western Negev residents on their way to work were greeted by at least seven Kassams landing in and around the city Thursday morning.”

Something HAS to be done in order for the people of Israel to be shielded from any further war crimes by the Islamonazis in Hamastan. What are we not understanding about all of this? What state in existence would allow for its people to be pounded by rocket fire? It’s entirely irrelevant that its indiscriminate shelling, we all know that.

But the international community is not bringing any pressure whatsoever upon the Hamas to end it once and for all, this is just another replay of Arafat’s innocent denial while Israel faces unrelenting terror. Time for the IC to get real and demand that the shelling be stopped, or that the Palestinians will have to face the music and hold themselves to blame when Israel reacts to the barrages with a full scale offensive.

But who am I kidding? More here. *L* KGs

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