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German Muslim "Ash Can" Refuses to Play in Israel…….

German football player, Ashkan Dejagah trashes “good faith sports” in his refusal to play in Israel for political reasons.

The Iranian born Ashkan Dejagah (ash can?) has little to fear however, in the way of sanctions for his unsportsmanlike behavior.

“German Football League (DFB) spokesman, Theo Zwanzigerin said it was dangerous that football would become connected with politics.”

“If we start making decisions due to political considerations, then its sports that’s the loser”.

Exactly, but the truth in those fine words by itself is not enough, the guy should have been fined or sanctioned for his unsportsmanlike conduct. What a jerk. More here in Finnish. *L* KGS

Hat tip: Kumitonttu

Update: (09-10-07) Deutsche Welle:

Dejagah’s withdrawal has stirred controversy in Germany.

Bild, Germany’s biggest-selling newspaper, called for Dejagah’s exclusion from the national team, a call which was backed by Friedbert Pflüger, a leading member of the Berlin branch of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative Christian Democrats (CDU).

Bildunterschrift: Zwanziger said political views have no place in soccerDFB President Theo Zwanziger meanwhile made his own opposition clear in a statement.

“I respect the decision of the coaches not to travel with the player because they told me that the player stated private and appropriate reasons,” he said. “However, my position and that of the DFB is clear: We will not accept that a German national player refuses to play in an international match for reasons associated with his views on world politics.”

The Central Council of the Jews in Germany responded with indignation to Dejagah’s decision.
It is inconceivable and impossible that a national player initiates his own private Jewish boycott,” Vice-President Dieter Graumann told German magazine Der Spiegel’s online portal. “It would be scandalous if the DFB does not take action.”

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