Palestinian Child Abuse

Hamas Childrens Magazine…….

In a normal society this kind of child abuse would be clamped down on, hard, the guilty parties arrested and thrown into prison. But the Palestinian Authority is not a normal place, by any stretch of the imagination.

Children are denied a normal life by their leaders, which can be seen not only in the lack of playgrounds set aside for them, but in the Palestinian media, that encourages violence. Kids a culled into joining the dirty terrorist war against Israel from ten year old on.

How many countless photos of kids with weapons are needed to convince those “peace activists”, who are supposedly concerned about Palestinian children?

“An illustrated story in Issue No. 69, “A Mission of Peace,” tells of a boy named Basel who sets out to carry out a martyrdom operation against the “Zionist soldiers.” Issue No. 71 presents the story of Nasim Al-Ja’bari, who carried out a bombing in Beersheba. In the story, his mother says: “Before he left, he gave me 800 shekels.

I felt deep sorrow, and cried six times that day without knowing why. When I heard the news that he had martyred himself, I took the money and bought dates, sweets, and coffee for the guests who would be coming to congratulate me.”

As I wrote in previous postings, these children are used by adults to help maintain a continuity in the fight against Israel. It’s disgusting, vile and very very Palestinian. More here. *L* KGs

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