Boycott Hamas

Hamas Pays Security Forces From Suitcases…….

According to Ynet:

“Islamist group Hamas paid thousands of Gaza security officials on Friday by dishing out cash from suitcases rather than using banks, as Israel tightened a financial clampdown on the Palestinian territory.

A senior official at Gaza’s Hamas-run Finance Ministry told Reuters the group planned to circumvent banks—some of which have come under Israeli-led pressure to shun Hamas—by paying September salaries to some 20,000 security forces and civil servants in cash.”

Making their lives more encreasingly difficult is the right course of action, there should be more focus on banks shutting down more branches in the area.

The Hamas should be forced to use whatever wealth –and electricity– it still has, towards helping the people of Gaza, instead of directing it to weapons explosives and machine shops that produce military hardware. More here. *L* KGS

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