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Hamas Whining Over Terrorism…….

Pity the poor Hamas, their terrorist thugs have now become the target of Fattah terrorism:

“Early Thursday morning, three Hamas militiamen serving in the local police were wounded, one of them critically, when a bomb was detonated near their vehicle at the Askoulah junction in Gaza City. Again, Hamas accused Fatah of standing behind the attack.

Hamas’s security forces on Thursday arrested Maher Khwaiter, a Fatah activist from the city’s Zeitun neighborhood, on suspicion of involvement in the bombing.
Another Hamas official told the Post that Fatah was behind at least 14 attacks against Hamas figures and institutions in the Gaza Strip over the past month. He added that Fatah’s decision to resort to an “armed struggle reflected Fatah’s frustration after failing to ignite a popular uprising against Hamas.”

Boo hoo…..now the sandal is on the other foot. I wonder whether the Hamas will now call on the international community to label Fattah a terrorist group? Feel the irony and sarcasm in that one. More here. *L* KGS

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