Israeli/Palestinian coexistence

Mideast Reunion – Friendship Trumps Hatred…….

An acquaintance of mine sends me a link to a CBC video interview of her husband Moshe Shinaar, an Israeli, meeting his long time Palestinian friend, Munir Darwish after a period of over 15 years.

Candy Shinaar reminds me that: “although I thought there were a couple of “unnecessary” statements, and they edited out some very important statements that I had made, on the whole the documentary is very nice.”

The journalist records Darwish’s statements about the shooting/wounding of an Arab friend of his earlier that week, by an Israeli living in a nearby settlement within a short proximity to his olive fields near Nablus.

No doubt incidents like this have occurred, but it in no way reflects the sentiments of the overall population of settlers living in the area. Many have built relationships with the Arabs in nearby villages etc., in spite of being subjected to similar attacks by Arabs.

At any rate, the love shown between these two men is very apparent, and while they may be divided by unfortunate circumstances, they are united in the hope of one day being able to freely travel to visit one another. They prove that coexistence is more than possible, when the conditions are right for an eventual peace settlement.

The video is here. *L* KGS

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