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Hezbullah Stronger in S.Lebanon, Finnish UNIFIL Peacekeepers: "Mission Completed"…….

Now how’s that for a headline?! I’m not begrudging Finland for doing what it was mandated to do, but the mandate itself, which was/still is yet another example of an EU farcical exercise in self disillusionment.

During the height of hostilities in last year’s war between Israel and Lebanon, (which was started by Hezbollah) The EU presidency chaired by Finland, strove to quickly put the conflict to an end while choosing to bash Israel for being “disproportionate in its use of fire power.”

Finland’s (then) spokseman for the Jewish community, Gideon Bolotowsky, had stated at a pro-Israel rally in Helsinki in August of 2006 that:

“Finland’s FM, Erkki Tuomioja (Ol’ Scruffy) claims that Israel’s use of force in Lebanon, to be “disproportionate”. I remind the Foreign Minister that during WWII, Finland suffered 100 000 dead in its war with Russia. Will the Foreign Minister be now demanding that Finland apologize over its “disproportionate” use of force against Soviet Russia, whose losses were four times that of the Finns?”

Now Israel is faced with almost the same kind of situation that existed before Lebanon (Hezbollah)invaded Israel’s northern border, which involved the murder of its soldiers, the absconding of two other soldiers and the endless indiscriminate rocket fire on Israeli civilian centers that caused over a million people to flee their homes.

“But more than a year later, the terrorist Lebanese group appears to be again solidly entrenched across the country’s south – looking, in fact, as if its fighters never really left but merely went underground.

The Shi’ite Muslim group’s banners hang everywhere, boasting of the “divine victory” over Israel and thanking its chief sponsor, Shi’ite-majority Iran, for helping with post-war reconstruction. Judging from villagers’ reports, the group’s recruitment of young men is booming and its popularity is firm.”

I’m glad that the Finnish commander of the Finnish-Irish UNIFIL battalion, Osmo Toivanen, “is pleased with their accomplishments.” but in the over all scheme of things, it has done nothing to scale back the Hezbollah from the border with Israel, in any meaningful way. More here. *L* KGS

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