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"Darks’ Evening" on Finnish YLE Television…….

Finland’s YLE television aired its Ajankohtainen Kakkonen program “TUMMIEN ILTA” last night, in which guests representing Finland’s minorities were invited to talk about their experiences of discrimination and prejudice at the hands of the majority in Finnish society.

The main focus of the program was Finland’s Romani minority (Gypsies) hence the labeling of the program “Darks’ evening”, the literal translation of “tumma” is of course dark, but the word itself doesn’t have a negative connotation.

But they were not the only minority present, there were also a Finnish Muslim, Atik Ismail, from the Tatar community, a very modernist, secular sect of Muslims that have lived in Finland for over a hundred years. Ismail mentioned in a video trailer for the program that: “he was a Muslim who fears Islamist extremism.

But Ismail was not the only Muslim invited, but also, (you guessed it) Abdullah Tammi, Finland’s most famous “revert” to Islam. Tammi was first shown in a short video proselytizing in the streets of Helsinki, before being introduced onto the set.

The man is an enigma wrapped in a riddle. Abdullah Tammi ended up contradicting himself throughout the entire evening. Being called out over his statements about sharia being “great”, he was questioned over the beating and subjugation of women.

Tammi of course defends Islam’s prophet Mohamed, “he never meant for women to be actually beaten” but then feigned ignorance over what sharia actually stood for, when it was proven that elsewhere these atrocities regularly occur. The question remains, how this nutcase can explain what sharia isn’t, when he admits that he doesn’t know what sharia is?

The introduction to the program contains this one liner:

“Mikä on Suomen linja vähemmistöihin, kun niiden tavat törmäävät valtaväestön normeihin? / What is Finnish policy towards minorities, when their traditions collide with the norms of larger society?

That collision was graphically shown upon conclusion of the program, when one of the female hosts went around shaking all the hands of the guests participating in the program. Abdullah Tammi refused to shake her hand. Video viewable here. *L* KGS

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  1. I saw the debate, too. Today I was thinking why the message sent by Abdullah Tammi was so contradictory. First, he refused to discuss further all subjects that referred to the well known social problems in the Islamistic nations. His excuse was, that such problems are simply misinterpretation of Islam, because the true Islam doesn’t accept violence, humiliation etc.

    Well, that’s reasonable isn’t it? It’s something what you expect to hear from a moderate Moslim (or Christian/Jewish). When he was, further on, inquired what exactly are the correct interpretations of Islam, he again refused to share his viewpoint.

    As we know, the scholars of Islam don’t get any “official” nomination to become an Imam, but anyone may achieve such a status if he is appreciated and gets enough followers.

    Here is something what bothers me: There are no moderate Moslim scholars. They may be moderate Moslim individuals, like Tammi, but he refuses to obey the present scholars, but on the other hand, is not heading to be “a moderate scholar” himself.

    Maybe I didn’t see the whole scene in this case, but those were my personal sources of frustration when listening to our very own “prophet”.

    Not to be biased, I have to end the comment referring to today’s Aamulehti. It interviewed some staff of Lutherian church of Finland, who now advices Finnish priests they DO NOT HAVE TO REPORT child molesters and pedophiles once they have admitted their crimes in the confession. Well, I thought the confessions are relics from Hollywood movies like the Godfather, but I guess I was wrong.

    The background for the church’s advice is, that God’s laws over rule secular rules. God damn it, I don’t want any more maniacs in here! We will have our hands full of stuff when trying to control our own nut cases who at least have the same cultural heritage with the majority.

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