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Heads of Pop Icons Would Roll if Islam Ruled The US…….

Whether it’s the Hamas or the Sword of Islam, Palestinian terror groups would execute Madonna or Britney Spears if given the chance. Hopefully they never stray into PA/Hamas controlled areas. I would also add that the very same mentality exists pretty much throughout the Islamic world, only an apologist for Islamist ideology and behavior would dare say otherwise.

While the Islamists try to claim a moral superiority –which they believe is derived from Islam and the teachings of their prophet Mohamed– to validate their loathing and violent intentions, both the secular and Christian, Judaic West has much more going for it, than the Islamic Middle East and elsewhere.

While an outward morality is looked upon by these Islamists (and by most of the Islamic world as well) as being the primary goal in keeping a society “just and moral”, one must also recognize that it’s very much a “forced morality“, which pales in comparison to the morality of those who, by choice, refrain from what is perceived by the majority of society as being “immoral behavior”.

By choosing not to partake in some of the over indulgences readily available in western societies, these people are “more moral” in their convictions than someone who is forced into a false sense of “morality” by Islamic sharia, or through family intimidation.

But all this goes to the heart of the differences between the Islamic religion and the “faith based” beliefs of Judaism and Christianity. The radical Islamists just give an added extra profile to these major differences. So be it. More here. *L* KGS

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  1. Henryk M. Broder considers that many of the pro-Shari’a-Europeans would already live in a kind of ‘Stockholm syndrome’.

    Stockholm what?—

    In extreme situations of fear for their life victims become emotionally attached to their victimizers, and even defend their captors after they were freed from their torture. Since a bank-robbery in 1973 such (post-)traumatic situations are called ‘Stockholm syndrome’.

    We are afraid of being slaves in the society of islam ‘dhimmitude’ (Dhimmitude, a term Bat Ye’or explains). But we don`t admit our fear. We dream about mystic oriental nights instead of recognizing the brutality of Shari’a-law. We prefer considering Muslims as authentic women and powerful men instead of stressing the reality of forced marriages in the eternal ‘family jails’.

    Yes, indeed the heads of pop icons would roll, if shari’a ruled Europe, so would do the heads of our artists, painters, poets …

    But … perhaps the new leaders would treat us well?! So let`s honour Mohammed even nowadays.

    And if they`ll punish us, yes, perhaps they `ll do the important job to clean us from former sins.

    They`re nice, the jihadists …

    Oh. Erh Yes!!!

    (That`s ‘Stockholm syndrome’, according to Henryk M. Broder)

    from Germany:
    Jacques Auvergne

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