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SIOE Demonstrator: Protesting Against Political Cowardice, Not Islam…….

The astute blogger Exile, posts his description of the “Stop The Islamization Of Europe” demonstration in Brussels on 9/11.

“People started to arrive at about 11:30 and by 12:00 we umbered about 300. Others, I learned had gone to Schumann Square, outside the EU Commission, led by Vlaams Belaang, and they numbered about 700 as far as I could ascertain from reports on my telephone. I learned later, that they had been treated harshly by the police, whom I believe, were imported from Walloon.

They (the police) were French speakers, not Dutch, which would indicate the authenticity of that information. About 150 people were officially arrested, but I heard that it was a higher number than that, and that the police had been especially aggressive, arresting an MP, Filip De Winter, and Franck VanHecke from Vlaams Belaang. We experienced none of that,…….”

It will be interesting to see what kind of “blow back” might result from the arrest of an Italian MEP, Mario Borghezio, who had diplomatic immunity. But while that’s yet to be determined, the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, socialist Terry Davis, has something even more interesting –as well as revealing– to offer of his own:

“European values are under threat, say the organisers of a protest march under the banner “Against the Islamisation of Europe” which was due to place today in Brussels in spite of the ban by the city Mayor. The fact is that Europe and its values are indeed under threat, but the danger is not coming from Islam. Our common European values are undermined by bigots and radicals, both islamists and islamophobes, who exploit fears and prejudice for their own political objectives.”

There were no bigots, radicals or islamophobes demonstrating in the streets of Brussels, that is just a smear tactic to discredit the demonstrators, by socialists who depends upon the Muslim vote to stay in power. Interesting though, that Davis’ statement, in part, draws attention to the main platform of the SIOE protest, that being: islamism.

Too bad Davis didn’t give voice to the rest of the SIOE’s declaration, which deplores the cowardice of Europe’s feckless leadership, in the face of an islamist encroachment upon European democratic ideals and traditions. Now that would have been intersting, as well as the end of his career. More here. *L* KGS

UPDATE: Exile posts one more eye opening report on the “other” illegal demonstration from last year, that was allowed to demonstrate in spite of the ban on them. You see, they were only demonstrating against Jews and Christians, so we couldn’t upset all those Muslim “activists” now could we?

The picture was taken by Exile, who says:

The main text demands “Death to the Jewish dogs” and “Death to the Christian dogs”.

Now this is the kind of demonstration Brussels mayor, Freddy Thielemans, can approve of! Now why would the socialist mayor and his city council want to offend their voting base? They may be anti-democratic, egotistical, political whores, but they’re not stupid. *L* KGS

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  1. Osama Bin Laden invited America to convert to Islam. As one astute observer noted: Fat chance! America can’t even convert to the METRIC SYSTEM.


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