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Egyptian Students of Jihad Connected to Sami Al-Arian…….

Last Tuesday, I commented on the Al-Arian propaganda documentaryUSA vastaan Al-Arian / USA VS. Al-Arian” which aired on Finnish TV, August 27, “that Finland’s state TV finds no problem in airing a propaganda film that, “gushes and oozes” all over the accomplice to terrorism, Sami Al-Arian”.

As far as most Finns are concerned –after watching the film– Sami Al-Arian is just another one of those “rail roaded Muslims” who have fallen victim to the GW Bush “war on terror” juggernaut.

[I would like to remind anyone not familiar with Finland or Finnish TV, that most Finns do not subscribe to cable television, –making do with the few television channels that are available– so when the state TV channels of YLE 1, 2, air something, it means that a very large percentage of the viewing public are tuning in.]

In light of the recent news concerning the two Egyptian students (enrolled at the University of South Florida) having been indicted on terrorism related charges, I wonder how many here in Finland will ever find out, that one of the students charged, Ahmed Abdellatif Sherif Mohamed, 24 was renting a room in the very same house:

“that convicted criminal, Sami Al-Arian, had used as the office for the World and Islam Studies Enterprise (WISE), a think-tank founded by former USF Professor Sami Al-Arian. WISE rented the same home on Pampas Place during the early 1990s.” (The Investigative Project on Terrorism).

Thanks to Debbie Schlussel, LGF and the Counter Terrorism Blog, we now know that “birds of a feather do in fact flock together”. I doubt that most Finns (if any at all) will ever find out about the truth to Sami Al-Arian’s involvement with international terrorism, for most, he will more than likely remain the poster child for everything that is wrong about America. I hope that these two “other poster childs” will recieve longer jail sentences than the terrorist professor did. *L* KGS

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Finland’s Swedish TV Airs Puff Pro-terrorist Documentary…….
August 28,07

File this one under the title of Boo-Freaking-Hoo.

Finnish/Swedish TV 2 aired the documentary “USA vastaan Al-Arian / USA VS. Al-Arian” last night, that tells the (false) story of the trial and imprisonment of the North American leader of Palestine Islamic Jihad, Sami Al-Arian.

The CAIR sponsored documentary paints a very humanistic portrait of “Sami” the dad, husband and academic professor, who at one point had even met US President George W. Bush. If one was not already educated on the subject of Sami Al-Arian prior to watching the film, the person could be excused for not knowing any better. Just look at what some Finns wrote in to the station after the broadcast:

SakkeL: Diktatorisismia pahimmillaan.Mihin Amerikka onkaan menossa kun ei oikeudessakaan syytömäksi julistettu ole turvassa?. Ketä pitäisi pelätä Amerikkaa vai terroristeja? / Dictatorship at its worst. Where is America heading when a declared innocent is not safe? Who are we to fear, America or the terrorists?smiba: mulle kävi samalla tavalla / Others have experienced the same.

Manolito: Olis varmaan kannattanut pysyä poissa jenkkinatsien tähtäimestä! Missään ei oo turvassa jos leimautuu. Vahingoniloa? / It would have been better to stay out of the Yankee Nazis’ sights. Nowhere is safe if your labeled. Malicious pleasure?

kookle: voi raukkoja / poor guy

More than likely they’re a bunch of jihadi sympathizing boobs from the git go.

I am not surprised at all that YLE 1 & 2 (Finland’s state TV channels) finds no problem in airing a propaganda film that, “gushes and oozes” all over the accomplice to terrorism, Sami Al-Arian, since they have already refused to air the documentary of IDF soldiers trying to clear their names in the documentary “Jenin: Massacring Truth”. It’s all about how the minds of the Finnish leftist media work, in regards to their warped view of morality as well as their ideological causes.

This all goes to prove that the title of “moderate Muslim” is a very slippery and meaningless label. Al-Arian openly admits that he is for murdering Jews in the film, but uses the buzz words of “resisting occupation” to sanitize the beastliness and barbarity of his deeds.Personally, I’m very glad that the accomplice to terrorism, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad sympathizer and money handler, Sami Al-Arian, is now sitting in a 3 X 5 cell. Boo-freaking-hoo. *L* KGS

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