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The EU Shames Itself…….

Last Friday saw the conclusion to the two day, UN sponsored, “International conference of civil society in support of Israeli-Palestinian peace” Israel vilification conference in Brussels. It was spearheaded by the “The Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People”, and given space within the EU’s parliament to promote its overtly hostile agenda.

I just recently came across the closing statements by PAUL BADJI (Senegal), the chairman of the CEIRPP (a relic leftover, from the cold war period), in which he uttered every known propagandist claim and charge against the state of Israel. I’m surprised that he didn’t resort to “shoe banging” the podium he was speaking from.

The Tundra Tabloids’ astute commentator, Tundraman, delivers a crystal clear observation concerning those MEP’s that chose either to openly boycott the event, or just not show up, as well as the EU’s role/responsibility in the whole affair:

Tundraman: “Good for the Finns and the Poles. However, politically, Finns and Poles (or even Swedes, although they may think otherwise…) do not matter much. What matters is that:

If “Hans-Gert Pöttering, President of the European Parliament and the staff of the Parliament’s secretariat” is responsible for “cooperation during the preparation and conduct” of a Conference which demands “to end Israeli crimes, including its bloody and sadistic actions in Gaza and its atrocities in the West Bank and East Jerusalem”, and which demands Israel to “recognize Hamas, whether or not it liked them”, I think this is an EU scandal, worth the highest level of publicity and protest.”

In agreement. The fact that the event was arranged and sponsored by the EU political machinery, outweighs any reluctance by MEPS to attend the anti-Israel hate fest. The Euro-Arab Dialogue has strong roots within EU institutions as historian/scholar Bat Ye’or thoroughly documents in her book Eurabia. It is the main reason (the EAD) why EU official foreign policy directives contain the Arab narrative, embodying the very same language, propaganda etc., that can be found in the press release statements coming from the Arab League. That is the sad reality of things.

In order to make any headway against such future outrages, one would have to tackle the problem at its roots, that being, the world outlook of Europe’s’ political elites that drive “the EU and its policies” in all sectors. They promote a foreign policy that seeks a close cooperation with the “south”, by the strengthening of its economic, political, social and cultural ties with the Arab League ” as a counter balance to the perceived threat of US foreign policies”.

But a major part of the problem is that the EU is “joining itself at the hip” with backward dictatorial (Muslim) Arab League states, which means that the flow of reciprocity is non-existent, Europe accommodates while the Arab League makes more demands. Sound familiar?

Christian Europe (through official EU channels) is fulfilling its old role as Dhimmis once again, by paying their tribute (jizya tax) to “the south”, in order to forestall any violence directed at them by Islam. Playing the Palestinian “trump card” whenever possible, is therefore a crucial part in the EU’s subservient role. *L* KGS

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