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Swedish PM Reinfeldt Shows Spine…….

The Swedes appear to have the right man in office at the right time, compared to the sniveling, underhanded actions by the Social Democrats during the Danish Mo-toon brouhaha.

Prime Minister Reinfeldt:
I think it’s important to say two things. First, we are eager to ensure that Sweden remains a country in which Muslims and Christians, people who believe in God and people who don’t believe in God, can live side by side in a spirit of mutual respect. “We believe that we have come a very long way. I am responsible for making sure we continue down this road and take the initiative to further enhance this reciprocity and respect.”

We are also eager to stand up for freedom of expression, which is enshrined in the constitution and comes naturally to us, and which ensures that we do not make political decisions about what gets published in the newspapers. I want to make sure we keep things that way,

All that is needed to head off any wider spread of rage and discontent, is to set in clear and unmistakable terms that any form of intimidation will not be tolerated. Kudos to the Swedish PM for showing some backbone. More here. *L* KGS

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  1. Swedish Conservative MEP Gunnar Hökmark wrote this piece in Expressen.

    (In Swedish)

    The article is related to the ongoing Muhammad caricature scandal involving pictures depicting prophet Muhammad as a dog drawn by Lars Vilks. In the article Hökmark claims that suicide bombers do a much better job in insulting Muhammad than innocent drawings.

    It is nothing spectacular but shows that all is not dhimmi in Sweden.

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