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Mass Exodus of Foreign Maids From The Saudi Kingdom…….

These women have had it. Around 70% of the foreign maids working in the medieval kingdom of Saud, have packed up their bags and left for (pun intended) “greener pastures”. According to the Khaleej Times, these women have suffered tremendously at the hands of their employers –and for some …masters– with their job status as maid having been reduced to that of a household slave.

“…the rate of domestic servants fleeing their sponsors in Saudi Arabia is as high as 70 per cent. This, coupled with such countries as the Philippines and Indonesia, refusing to send maids to the Kingdom unless their salaries are increased, has given rise to demand for runway maids.


“A source at the Indonesian Embassy said that they receive about 10 complaints from maids every day. Most of them involve abuse and include severe beatings, suicide, kidnapping, rape, withholding of salary for months and years, sexual harassment and impregnation.”

As for the solution, “They have urged the government to look into bringing maids from other countries to solve the shortage of maids.”

Oh I get it, the solution is not to aggressively prosecute the Saudis’ who incorporate the beastly practice of using women as chattel, but to get more foreign maids. More here. *L* KGS

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  1. Just two comments:
    1) I hate the system in Saudi Arabia
    2) Why do you guys hide behind your aliases? Attacking journalists like Reime and Arapkirli from behind the wall of anonymity is both low and childish.

    I wonder if you’ll publish or answer this comment.

    Oh, and one more question: have you guys ever lived in a Muslim majority country?

  2. Answer:

    1.) I’m glad that you hate the system in Saudi Arabia, just what is your position on a major boycott of everything Saudi Arabia exports (including oil) until they end their miserable religious/gender/ethnic apartheid?

    2.) I use an alias because of the whackos and nutjobs. Reime himself has agreed with epithet I have given him, ironically he’s quite humbled by the title of “activist journalist”. Go figure.

    Nothing low and childish about it. These journalists have pretty much a carte blanche by those who run the overtly leftist media to write what they will. That they have proven themselves to be, time and again, more than willing to use their pen to advance their ideological causes….gives me the opportunity and the right to call them out on it.

    What Finnish media critic do you know of, that takes the time to pour over the muddled ramblings of these types and report on them? I rest my case.

    3.) I need not test a high voltage wire with a wet tongue to know just how dangerous it will be. State Islam is a killer, anti-democratic, anti-human rights and anti-reason and logic. I/we know enough about it to say that it is not in anyone’s favor to live in a land where Islam rules the day, unless you’re a heterosexual Muslim male and a firm believer in the Muslim moon god Al-ilah and his prophet Mo.

    No sweat or worry, any question posted will be responded to…..unless I am inundated by thousands of them 🙂

  3. Oh, one more point, your highly entertaining comment about mine and my fellow blogging team’s use of aliases, wouldn’t have been so enteraining if you hadn’t posted it….anonymously. *L* KGS

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