Anti-Islamism Tunisia

Holy Hijab……!

Tunisia gets tough and bans the Muslim headscarf, while the wife of Turkey’s “president-in-waiting” wears it in public every chance she gets. Hedi Mhenni, general secretary of the ruling Constitutional Democratic Rally (RCD) party said:

“the legislation must be respected in educational institutions and public buildings. Otherwise, he warned, the issue could become a hurdle for the country’s development process. “If today we accept the headscarf, tomorrow we’ll accept that women’s rights to work and vote and receive an education be banned and they’ll be seen as just a tool for reproduction and housework.”

Sounds like some Muslims are more than aware of the meaning behind the use of the head scarf. The Sheik adds: “Could it be that SOME Arabs have more common sense than the dhimmified Western apes who believe socialism goes hand in hand with Islamization?”

My personal opinion is that, though a ban on a religious headscarf appears a bit draconian, these struggling ME/N.African states have been fighting a long battle against the sharia loving extremists, and understand what to do in order to reign them in. I personally find it odd and distasteful to tell anyone what they should or shouldn’t wear, I come from the old school that preached the unwritten law that it’s none of my business.

That said, these are rather peculiar times in which we live, and that we have been now forced to deal with a religious faith that many of us (myself included) wish had already undergone a reformation of its own, as did Christianity. If it had, perhaps we wouldn’t be having to deal with radicalized jihadis, sharia loving mobs, and intolerant kooks screaming to do away with “piggy banks” and “pigglet”.

We also look around the world and see, and read troubling statements that tell us that many Muslims (in the hundreds of millions) do in fact believe every word that Mohamed wrote down from “on high”, believe that Mohamed is the perfect example of a human role model (in spite of his many disasterous edicts), and will do their best to see that all of us non-Muslims “reverting” to Islam, with the end result being our heads bowing towards Mecca. I am not taking it lightly, and neither should anyone else. *L* KGS

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